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Chapter 7: The plea from Anaxes

Supreme-Chancellor Cressa looked up from his work as he heard someone enter his office. He looked at the man, dressed in a Senatorial robe, and smiled. "Ah, greetings Mister Naver. I have been expecting you." The man, whose entire name was Damian Naver, smiled polite at the Supreme-Chancellor and made a polite bow as well. "It is an honor to speak with you, your Excellency." Cressa smiled and stood up. "For me it is an honor as well. I have heard much good of you from the people of Anaxes. I am sure you will be an excellent Senator and a worthy opponent in the upcoming elections." Damian looked surprised when the Supreme-Chancellor put him in such high regard. He smiled. "Thank you, your Excellency." Cressa kept smiling friendly. "Honest and modest, the Republic needs leaders such as you." Cressa turned and looked through the window. Now he noticed how tired he actually was. He wasn't as young as he once was, yet Cressa had achieved everything he had ever dreamed of.
As a young boy he was a true patriot and wanted to serve the Galactic Republic. At the age of 18 he joined the Republic army. He was very successful and quickly build up an admirable military career. At the age of twenty-eight he became the youngest Minister of Defense in Republic history. He served the Republic for many years, improving much of the Core World's defenses. For example, it was his idea to build high-armed space stations above key planets as: Carida, Corellia, Byss, Alderaan and of course Coruscant. He also commissioned the construction of several military checkpoints along the Perlemian Trade Route. He knew that, should the trade route fall, to whatever kind of military force, the Core Worlds would be rendered defenseless.
His military career, would reach its height at the age of forty-four, as the Mandalorian Wars would be at hand. After Revan, Cressa would be one of the most respected commanders of the Republic. Yet Cressa wasn't present at that final battle, the battle that had changed so many lives. He may not have been a Force Sensitive, yet in his heart he could feel the deaths of so many... all that life that was annihilated that day... it was something he didn't want to think of.
"Your Excellency?" suddenly Senator's Naver's voice pulled Cressa out of his stream of thinking. The Chancellor turned back to the Senator and smiled. "Please forgive me, men at my age tend to remain stuck with their heads in the past..." he said. Senator Naver nodded and gave the Chancellor a slight smile. "Please, your Excellency doesn't need to apologize for such a thing." The Chancellor nodded and sat down on his chair again. "Very well, Mister Naver. What do you wish to discuss with me?" he asked. Senator Naver looked at the Chancellor and sat down on the chair in front of the desk.
What were the best words to say? It was a sensitive subject, Senator Naver wanted to bring up now. Yet, the Prime-Minister of Anaxes made his statements clear, and Damian would do as his superiors asked him to do. Loyalty, was something that he held in high regard. "Your Excellency, I understand this subject has been put on the Senate's agenda for many times. However, the Senate always came to the same conclusion: The Jedi Order must stay away from Republic territory, for the time being." Damian started his plea. The Chancellor smiled meaningful and nodded. "Please continue..." Damian sighed and joined his hands. "Prime-Minister Ozaro of Anaxes, is convinced of the fact that the Jedi are crucial, into restoring the Republic fully. As he stated, it was their advise and council, that kept the Republic breathing. We have seen what happend to it, as the Jedi had vanished from the face of the galaxy..." he continued. The Chancellor sighed sadly. "Yes... their disappearance led almost to the collapse of the Republic..." suddenly the Chancellor looked up, and gave the Senator a serious look. "But you are also aware of the fact, Mister Naver, that it were the Jedi, who gave the Republic great trouble, because of the Jedi Civil War..." the Senator shuffled a bit uneasy on his chair, and cleared his throat. "Yes, to my great regret that is true... Yet your Excellency surely can see, that we need the Jedi as the keepers of the current peace. We cannot afford to let another war sweep through the galaxy. That, would mean the end of the Republic." he stated. The Chancellor sat back in his chair, and started thinking again. Indeed, if there should start a war now, and such a risk existed, then the Republic would be done for. "Surely I do not need to remind Your Excellency about the rising hostilities between The Hutt Cartel and Czerka Corporation. If an agreement won't be reached, then war between those factions will be unevitable. Since the Republic benefits greatly from Czerka Corporation, we will be forced to side with them, in a conflict. A war with the Hutts would give the Republic a death blow..."
Ah yes, the Hutts and Czerka Corporation, it was one of the most discussed subjects in the Senate. Czerka Corporation had violated a trade agreement, between them and the Hutt Cartel. The trade agreement stated, that Czerka was free to establish their presence on Hutt controlled planets, as long as they would give fifty percent of all their incomes. For a long time this went well, until suddenly Czerka decided to keep all their incomes, and even assault on Hutt outpost on Ylesia. Czerka's Officials, denied such acts, and as neither parties wished to submit, the case was taken to the Galactic Senate, as the Republic was Czerka's partner and ally.
For now, the growing hostilities between Czerka and the Hutts, caused Cressa headaches. He looked back at Senator Naver, and sighed deeply once again. "And why have you brought this subject to me? Shouldn't the Senate take care of such matters?" he asked. Senator Naver chuckled. "Surely Your Excellency knows the Senate has rejected this appeal many times. Since neither my sympathizers nor I self can convince the Senators to rethink their vote, my superiors and I, thought we could bring this matter to Your Excellency. Perhaps, you could convince the Senators to think otherwise, due to your popularity with them." Cressa had to admit, that the Senator spoke quite convincing. It was true that the Republic needed the Jedi. Their presence in the Jedi Temple, always felt like a beating heart to the Republic, yet he couldn't just agree with the Senator. Since the Senator was his opponent in the upcoming elections, and the Chancellor had to remain thinking about his campaign, he couldn't just agree with the propositions of his political opponent. Cressa couldn't leave the Republic as it's leader now, it was too weak for a change of power. The Chancellor sighed deeply, and looked back at the Senator, who eagerly waited for his reaction. "I'll have to think about this, and convene with my advisors. At the moment I do not have enough knowledge about the consequences of the Jedi's return, to give a just verdict. I'll contact you in one of these days, to let you know of my decision..." Cressa said eventually. A slight emotion of disappointment crossed the Senators face, as he sighed. "Very well, I will inform Prime-Minister Ozara of this. I hope Your Excellency will come to a wise decision..." he said, as she stood up, gave a slight bow and left the office. Cressa felt a feeling of guilt coming up, and started wondering if he had acted on the right way...

"She will destroy you..."
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