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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
How exactly does DRM protect their games? DRM is cracked mostly before or on the day the game is released. And in the end, the legitimate consumers are the ones who have to deal with it, while the pirates play the "normal version". Is it really worth it? I don't think so.
As a representative of the Pirate Worker's Union, I'll have you know that pirates do not play any "normal" version. The pirated versions of modern game have to be manually patched, and that is IF a pirate group is kind enough to put up a game's update on the Internet. In 98% of games, there is also no multiplayer on pirated games. A Call of Duty or a Battlefield game could hardly be called "normal" without its multiplayer.

DRM helps protect games. It isn't the company's fault that the DRM ends up cracked by talented pirates. Piracy is a major concern for video game companies and while they can't shoot lawsuits at every torrent site like MPAA, they try to make sure they're trying their level best at the product-end.

Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
On the short run, yes. And as I said, I understand why they want to focus more on the consoles. I only think PC shouldn't be ignored either. And no, they are not charity organizations, but that doesn't make the plea any less valid.
Major companies maybe, but there is actually a very, very large mass of indie games that get released for the PC. Especially thanks to distribution models like Steam, where pretty much anyone with a good game on their hands can get the same platform as Valve or Activision (except in marketing). Then there's companies dedicated to the PC, like Paradox Interactive, who profess to making games that hearken back to the 90s.

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