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Maybe you should lurk in silence a while longer, see how we handle discourse here.
Well, I'm not sure that one's post count has anything to do with one's ability to engage in respectful discourse. I think it has more to do with things such as one's patience, experience, and willingness to learn from others. I have amounts of all those, though not as much I would like. Also, apparently not as much as you would expect to see.

"shut up, we're tired of hearing all of the KOTOR III lust"
I never said that...I'm not sure why you chose to place those words in quotation marks. I'll admit, re-reading my previous posts now I do see a bit of passive aggressiveness in my statements. I apologize, my critique of continued discussion on this matter (possible KOTOR III) was not intended to insult. Rather, I was more leaning towards playing the devil's advocate, and expressing my point that a KOTOR III is not in the works (as far as I know, which obviously, is not absolute) and as such continued discussion of it is moot. Again, I can only stress that it was an opinion and in none of my previous posts did I declare it to be an absolute necessity that discussion of KOTOR III must cease.

As I indicated in my previous posts, I would like to see a KOTOR III. The fact that a KOTOR III was never allowed to be finished baffles me, and I still question the justification for not continuing to pursue it even after the original project was started and then cancelled. Obviously, the market is there and has continued to be there. Here we are 7 years after the release of KOTOR II and still plenty of people (not just limited to this forum) would be willing to support development of such a game. My university roommate still gives me a "haha sucks for you fag" any time I bring up the topic of what a travesty not continuing the storylines of both games is to me, and many others.

If you like SWTOR then great good for you and everyone else who enjoys it, but as I see it there is nothing wrong with discussing the possibility of a KIII. And for the record if this new "it's dead so we should bury it now" mentality is catching then we might as well close some of the SW & non Star Wars-related LA sub-forums since there are plenty who post desires of a new "Sam & Max" game and what-not, unless you've already paid them a visit and told them to shut up more-or-less.
I am assuming this was mainly directed towards me Blix. As a matter of fact, I do not play SWTOR. I refuse to simply because it is hailed as a pseudo-KOTOR III without actually being so. Might be a mistake on my part, because for all the frustration I might have for it being such a poor continuation of the series (in my opinion) it does seem from the experience of others to be an enjoyable game.

As far as closing down forums and telling people to shut up, again I never said that. But to go back to my devil's advocate opinion of before (and like I said in my first post on this thread) there is no recent news of a KOTOR III except for the videos in the OP and the article linked a few posts ago (at least, I have not seen any; though I would love to be wrong, because KOTOR III would be awesome). The videos are nice, and certainly are a cool concept of what KOTOR III could be, but they appear to me to be the work of a modder and not a demo of a product being created by a commercial video game developer. As for the article, again I hope it is true. However, I've seen, as I'm sure all of us have, at least half a dozen articles since 2005 with similar information; which on original speculation were a good sign of a new KOTOR game but turned out to be either simply rumor, or were early inklings of what would become games such as TFU, TFU 2, SWTOR and others. I'm not trying to say that the article should be discredited simply for that fact, but I guess I'm saying that unless something concrete arises..why get our hopes up only to be dashed again? Maybe I'm just bitter. Kudos to you guys if you can still keep positive thoughts about KOTOR III after all this time. ..hmm... I guess after writing that whole rant to justify myself, I only succeeded in exposing my own jealously.
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