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Originally Posted by jedi_consular16 View Post
I never said that...I'm not sure why you chose to place those words in quotation marks. I'll admit, re-reading my previous posts now I do see a bit of passive aggressiveness in my statements. I apologize, my critique of continued discussion on this matter (possible KOTOR III) was not intended to insult. Rather, I was more leaning towards playing the devil's advocate, and expressing my point that a KOTOR III is not in the works (as far as I know, which obviously, is not absolute) and as such continued discussion of it is moot. Again, I can only stress that it was an opinion and in none of my previous posts did I declare it to be an absolute necessity that discussion of KOTOR III must cease.
Unfortunately, it appears as though you're not seeing the larger picture when you're reading your previous statements. I'll be honest, I haven't been involved with this topic, yet the way you present yourself seems to be that you think your opinion is superior to everyone else who has posted here and that you think they're foolish for continuing the discussion of the possibility of KotOR III, so in essence, what he "quoted" from you was basically how a lot of people see your previous posts.

Originally Posted by jedi_consular16
My university roommate still gives me a "haha sucks for you fag" any time I bring up the topic of what a travesty not continuing the storylines of both games is to me, and many others.
No offense, but it sounds as though you need a better friend...

Originally Posted by jedi_consular16
I am assuming this was mainly directed towards me Blix. As a matter of fact, I do not play SWTOR. I refuse to simply because it is hailed as a pseudo-KOTOR III without actually being so. Might be a mistake on my part, because for all the frustration I might have for it being such a poor continuation of the series (in my opinion) it does seem from the experience of others to be an enjoyable game.
To be honest, I don't think anyone who plays TOR to be even a relative of KotOR, the only thing really in it that relates is Satele Shan, HK-47 and a temporary appearance by Revan. (Although the appearance of Revan baffles me, due to how many years has passed since Revan disappeared into the Unknown Regions, despite how they went about explaining it, I still don't think it should be possible :P ) I will admit that I do enjoy the game, but I don't see it as what you say it s.
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