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Ziost, it certainly was not my intention to put myself on a pedestal above others. I'm really trying to extend an olive branch here. I spoke out of turn. It is my opinion that a KOTOR III will not happen, and that to keep discussing it at this time is pointless. Not foolish as you thought I indicated, which might seem like I'm splitting hairs to save myself, but I do not consider those who still actively hope for a KOTOR III to be fools. I think they are wrong, but I do not think they are unintelligent. Again though, its an opinion, everyone has one and I don't expect anyone here to change just because it is what I say. I'm just one individual who has played KOTOR games and enjoyed them thoroughly. I'm not an expert, I do not work for LA, or any company which has been or might ever be involved with production or development of any KOTOR game.

To your second point, yea my friend and I have an odd relationship. I consider him to be like a brother. Although we often rip on each other to the extreme.

On your third point, yea you got me. SWTOR is not a sequel to KOTOR, but when I said pseudo-KOTOR III I meant it in the context that because of SWTOR's mere existence, I think it further supports the idea that a KOTOR III will not happen. So for all intents and purposes, this is the closest thing we will get to a KOTOR III. Again, its what I think. But, leaving 300 years in between KOTOR I and II and TOR does leave a nice buffer for the possibility of a game in the interim, who knows?
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