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Part 3:

Barman: Jack, it seems that the imperial troopers are coming.

Jack: What?!!

Imperial trooper: A jedi, men!! Kill him!!

Xin: Run, kid, run.

As the soldiers fire on Jack, Jack uses his lightsaber to block their attack, and then he runs. Meanwhile Harr fires and kills three troopers.

Xin: Come on Harr. We cant win this fight!!

Jack: How we will escape?

Xn: I have an idea. I will do the << cantina on Tatooine >> plan.

Harr: Hhahaha

Xin: Yes i know what happened last time. And i am not crazy. It is the only chance we have. Run now, run.

So Xin is alone against the imperial squad.

Xin: Hello there!

Xin throws a plasma grenade on the imperial troopers and quickly hides behind a table, as the entire cantina is blown up. Then Xin runs out of the cantina, and goes to the ebon hawk.

Xin: So, Jack what do you want?

Jack: To become a jedi knight.

Xin: As i told you i am a smuggler.

A man comes in the ebon hawk.

Man: Interesting.

Xin: Who are you.

Xin pulls out his blaster.

Man: Lower your weapon. My name is Lando, but i am most known as the exile. I left the know galaxy eight years before.

Xin: So you are a jedi knight?

Lando: Yes. I show your skills, your force powers, and how you escaped this troopers. But please tell me, who are they? They look like republican troopers. What happened since i left?

Xin: Well, here is the story. 100 years after the death of Darth Traya, the Brotherhood of the Sith was formed by two fallen jedi knights, Raptor and Ryox. Countless Knights fell in battle, and many more sworn allegiance to the new Sith Master. The republic was divided in two, with the separatists and the trade federation wanting an alliance with the new Sith empire. Only one jedi, named Christos, managed to do countless victories against the sith lords. But after one year he fell to the dark side and took the title of Darth Rex, the conqueror. He managed to take over almost half the republic, had hundreds of victories, won many battles, fought in many campaigns and killed many jedi knights. He almost took over Coruscant. But then his old master and friend, the jedi knight Ben, killed him. Ben also killed Ryox. He then attacked Korriban, along with his apprentice, Nick, a farm boy from Dantooine. Ben was slain by Raptor, but Nick won and arrested Raptor. Then, with the sith defeated, the jedi council started a war against the sith. The great purge started. All jedi knights, and republican troopers searched the entire galaxy, and exterminated the remaining sith lords. An- wait some imperial troopers are coming. I will tell you the rest history later.

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