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Part 4:

Xin: Lando and Jack, go to the turrets. Hold them off, as me and Harr will try to get this thing to fly.

Lando: Very well. May the force be with you.

Jack: I will kick some sith ass!!

Xin went to the cockpit and started to download some files, in order to make this thing able to fly. Meanwhile Lando and Jack fire to the troopers.

Lando: A squad of 100 troopers is coming.

Jack: What am i going to do?

Lando: Use the force.

Jack: I knew that you would say that.

At the same time a red assassin droid named HK-47 enters the cockpit.

HK-47: Ready to serve, master.

Xin: HK, i am glad that you remembered to come here and help us, after 5 minutes while 100 troopers are attacking us!!

HK-47: Forgive me master. How can i help?

Xin: The engine of the ship has a problem. Repair it.

HK-47: I am an assassin droid and i do-

Xin: Shut up. Just repair the damn thing.

Xin closes his eyes for a second. And he remembers the words of Xenian to Helena, in that final duel. << You can still join me and rule together the galaxy. Become my empress. >> he said, and Helena replied << Never. Return to the light side or die!! >>. So the duel begun. He was firing on some droids when Xenian stabbed her in the back. Then he suddenly woke up.

Lnado: We cant hold much longer!!

Xin: Harr, open the computer.

Harr: Hhaha

Xin: And now, we fly.

The Ebon Hawk left Besbin. But in the space, 1000 imperial starfighters are attacking the Ebon Hawk.

Jack: We will all die!!! Damn it. Why we dont have lightspeed?

Xin: Calm down kid. HK is fixing it.

Jack: Until he repairs the engine, we will be all dead!

Xin: Come on HK, dont fail me.

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