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Ziost hit the nail on the head perfectly, and don't feel bad Consular you are not being singled out here there others here who I was referring to as well (you know who you are ) I do agree that the majority of the comments that the KIII nay-sayers have made makes it seem like their opinion is law and we're stupid for even questioning it and for not just "giving up". Simply, we're allowed to keep hope alive for a KOTOR III, you're allowed to say otherwise. However; the vast majority of us who are pro-III already know everything that the nay-sayers have been saying; "give up", "it's never gonna happen", "just settle for SWTOR", etc, etc. What baffles me is that instead of simply stating an opinion or in fact just leaving the discussion to those who want a KIII altogether instead of lurking in to stir up the hornet's nest so-to-speak. As far as I see it if you are satisfied with TOR and don't care if a III ever sees the light of day then you really don't need to be in an active thread discussing the possibility of said sequel. I don't care if this is a public forum, we have enough issues with trolls and internet-tough guys elsewhere that it should be common sense if it's not a topic I that I am going to positively contribute to then just gtfo and leave it out.

Sort of off-topic, my friend informed me that it took almost 10 years for Crimson Empire to finally see completion - sure it's a comic book and some people might look at it like it's not as important as a videogame or a movie but that's what makes it so important; ten whole years and a new volume is finally released. We don't know how these devs or producers think, it took the US a long time to get Final Fantasy III which was released straight to the Nintendo DS. I wonder what prompted SEnix to decide to just remake the game for a new console and release it internationally, when they could have worked on other projects instead? Who knows, 5, maybe 10 years from now we'll see a remake of KOTOR I & II along with anticpated III (even if it is just an interlude to TOR), which judging by K1's game of the year and cult status I wouldn't dismiss the idea of a remake so easily.

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