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Part 5:

Xin: Jack and Lando, fire at those starfighters.

Lando: Very well.

Lando and Jack manage to take down 5 starfighters, but things are getting worse.

HK-47: Master, we are ready for lightspeed.

So the Ebon Hawk manages to go to lightspeed and escape.

Xin goes to Jack.

Xin: Do you trust this guy, Lando?

Jack: Yes. i trust him.

Lando is a tall man, with grey hair, a beard and a brown jedi robe. He must be around the age of sixty.

Lando: Now tell me the rest of the story.

Xin: Almost 6 years after the death of Raptor,a jedi named Nick, fell to the dark side of the force. The stupid senators decided to create a law, that would dismiss the republican army, and instead each world would have its own army.

Lando: Stupid move.

Xin: Very stupid. Nick did a coup, with the help of the republican army,and nuked Coruscant. Instead of occupying it, he let it become a desert, because he believed that it was a symbol of the old republic. The remaining citizens of Coruscant, thanks to a virus, became rakghouls. Now there are thousand rakghouls down there.

Jack: Why are you telling us all of this?

Xin: Because we dont have any fuel, so we need to land in Coruscant and take some fuel.

Jack: Are you kidding me?

Xin: No. At least we wont have to pay for the fuel.

Jack: Stop joking. Those monsters will kill us. They eat everything that moves.

Xin: Well, we dont have much of a choice. We will land in the surface, because the upper city was destroyed the sith.

So the Ebon Hawk lands on the planet. Xin, Harr, HK-47, Jack and Lando are walking in the streets of Coruscant. As they walk they see a rakghoul with white skin, and blood in his face.

Xin: Damn it!!

Then they see two-hundred rakghouls breaking the windows of nearby buildings and jumping in the street.

Xin: Fire, fire!!

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