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Part 6:

So Xin, Harr, HK-47, Jack and Lando are surrounded by rakghouls. Jack and Lando use their lightsabers to kill the rakghouls, while HK-47 and Harr use their blasters.

Xin: I need to stop them. Force help me. I can feel the force coming. Force Storm!!!!!!!!!! Aaaahhhh!!!!!!!!

Xin releases balls of storm that burn alive and kill anyone that they hit.

Xin: Jack, we need to take fuel from the building 3456. But that 3456 is guarded by one hundred rakghouls. We will cover you, as you will go to the top of building 4567. You see this plasma cannon at the top of 4567? Use it against the rakghouls, so i can sneak and take the fuel.

Jack: Okay Xin.

Xin: May the force be with you.

So Jack runs into 4567. There he finds five rakghouls, that he kills using his lightsaber. He then enters the elevator. Once he is on the top of the building, 70 rakghouls appear, and attack him.

Jack: Lando, help me.

Then Jack hears a voice in his head.

Lando: Use the force, Jack.

Jack: I will use the force. Force Push!!!!!!!!

Jack, using the force, pushes all rakghouls away from him, and throws them to the surface, killing them.

Xin: Use the plasma cannon.

Jack uses the plasma cannon to kill the rakghouls. Soon, the rakghouls turn their attention to Jack, letting Xin free to sneak and steal the fuel. Xin, Harr, HK-47 and Lando are running to the Ebon Hawk

Xin: Kid, run.

As Jack leaves the cannon, 60 rakghouls attack him and throw him to the street. Jack, with a broken leg, and rakghouls attacking him, tries to use the force to force push back the rakghouls.

Xin: We cant leave him.

HK-47: I will go to save him, master.

HK-47 runs, and just in time, as the rakghouls are ready to eat alive Jack, uses the flamethrower to kill the rakghouls and carries Jack to the ship.

Xin: Come on, run.

As HK and Jack enter the ship, the Ebon Hawk leaves Coruscant.

Jack: That was an escape!!
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