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Chapter 1

Two years earlier

“Look, I don’t know we did the right thing Gineva. The Empire has already sent several assassins after us, considering.” A hard masculine voice echoed throughout the small apartment. “Besides, do you think it was smart to move to Corellia when the Empire has its occupation of Courscant?”

“Ethan, I’m tired of talking about this. I understand that it probably wasn’t a smart move, but there’s nothing we can do. In our current state, we don’t have the ability to move off planet.” A soft, but shrill feminine voice hissed back. “Besides, we have our son to think about. I don’t want him growing up in the Empire, you heard the truth when he was born, like it or not. He’s not going to become…”

Vexus shivered slightly at the memory of the blaster shot that cut his parents conversation short. He had only been six at the time, but it was enough to make him cringe every time he heard a blaster shot. He also remembered the blaster that was pointed at him that day. Just as the Mandalorian pulled the trigger, a lightsaber came up and deflected the bolt back at the woman who had fired the shot. Vexus shook his head slowly. It had been twelve years since the death of his parents, twelve years since the Jedi reluctantly accepted the young Chiss boy for training. He knew the majority of the Jedi Order distrusted him due to his heritage, but he knew the evils of the Empire and in his heart he made it clear he was not ever going to join them.

He gripped the hilt of his training blade as his eyes slowly ascended to where his Master, an elderly Twi’lek woman, stood. Her pink skin looked almost as fragile as an old porcelain doll, but her vibrant blue eyes spoke of a secret strength hidden deep within. She tilted her head to the side, clearly debating on how best to proceed with the news she had.

She took a deep breath before speaking. “You served the Jedi Order faithfully during the years prior to the Treaty of Courscant, you even helped rebuild the Temple here on Tython. Yet despite this, the Council isn’t ready to accept you as a Jedi Knight, however I believe differently.” She paused for a moment. “That’s why I have brought you to the remains of the temple that leads up to the Forge. I can’t assist you in this final trial padawan, however I have planted parts of your lightsaber within droids that I have sent haywire across these old ruins. Disable the droids and receive each portion of the lightsaber. Also, just before you reach the Forge there is a crystal cave in which you must attune your preferred crystal from one of the clusters. May the Force be with you, Padawan.”

Vexus audibly sighed hearing that the Council didn’t trust him enough to be a Jedi Knight, but when he’d heard that his master had defied the Council, his excitement reached the highest it ever had. He was eager to prove himself worthy to the Jedi and the Republic alike. “Thank you.” He mostly whispered, but the elderly woman nodded her head like she had heard him. The two then parted ways as Vexus headed deeper into the Ruins, searching for the lightsaber parts.

Hours passed and day quickly faded into night. Vexus had sweat running down the length of his hair from an almost constant battle between Flesh Raiders who ambushed him as well as the haywire droids that his master had released upon the ruins. The young man had finally retrieved the power cell for the lightsaber and so he ventured into the small crystal cave, which was coincidentally also the cave he had to pass through to actually get to the Forge. Upon entering the true ruin of the Forge, he quickly created his lightsaber, using the blue color crystal that he’d obtained.

Upon Vexus’ return to the Jedi Temple, his master greeted him with a huge grin, knowing that with a lightsaber in hand the Council no longer could refuse him as a Jedi Knight. She allowed Vexus to rest for the night and spoke with the Jedi Grand Master the following day. Satele agreed to hold a Council meeting to decide the fate of the would-be Jedi Knight.

Vexus nervously ascended the stairs to the second floor, pausing in front of the doors which led to the High Council’s chambers. The doors slid open and Vexus had barely stepped one foot into the small hall leading to the large room, but already he could feel the incredible tension. The Jedi were taught to be tolerant of all species, but he could sense that even the Jedi High Council didn’t really want to accept a Chiss into their ranks when the majority of his people, that were active in the Cold War, served the Empire.

The silence in the Council Chambers was filled with an even higher amount of friction than it had been just a few moments before. The restraining absence of noise was finally broken when Grand Master Satele Shan finally spoke. “You carry a lightsaber. Might we know how it is that you came to obtain the weapon of a Jedi Knight?”

Vexus gulped softly as he looked at each of the present members of the Council. He shakily explained how he’d obtained the parts from the haywire droids and how he’d constructed it. The Council listened intently, considering everything that Vexus had explained. Due to the extremely unorthodox final trial the Council decided to take a vote on whether or not the young Chiss would be accepted as a full member of the Order.

One by one the Council cast their votes. Vexus swallowed hard when he realized that the Council was at a stalemate, save for one last Jedi Master, Satele herself. Everyone held their breath, awaiting the final decision. Finally the Grand Master inhaled softly and nodded slowly. “I believe he has earned the right to be a Jedi Knight.”

Vexus exhaled in relief. “Thank you Masters.” He crisply replied to the decision. “I promise I won’t the Order down.”

“Well, you’ll have your chance to prove yourself immediately.” Satele replied, kindly. “Normally we would send you to Courscant to aid the Republic forces on the capital world; however we have received a distress signal from a starship that belongs to one of our most experienced Knights. There is a planet in the Outer Rim called Veloth, it was just recently discovered by the Republic. We will transmit the coordinates to the Republic Vessel Star of Hope, which has agreed to help us respond to the distress signal.” She was silent for a few moments longer. “And remember, you are now a full member of the Order, everything you do is in the name of the Order and could possibly shape the way the galaxy sees us.”
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