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At first Vakarr drew his mighty sword. Despite being surrounded, he was preparing to place a protection spell over himself and attack these archers. Then he saw more and more and quickly realized they would soon lose that fight. He put his weapon away as he slowly looked around, and to his joy soon found out who they were.

Dark Elves. Finally, some class amongst this mostly human group. He didn't blame the elves for keeping them like this. The group was mostly human afterall, they couldn't be trusted at the moment. He felt confident when Tegan spoke in the native tongue. He didn't know what she was saying, he just knew it was the language. What came next was dream crushing for Vakarr.

The Dark Elves were letting Tegan and Akierra into the city...but the others had to stay here, him included. Vakarr's head darted to Tegan, and now was tempted to remove his helmet. His hidden eyes pleaded for him to come as well. He didn't want to have to stay here, he shouldn't have to. Soon the three were gone and Vakarr was stuck with the others.

Vakarr couldn't believe what had just happened. They...they rejected him, just as the humans did. All these years he respected their race and finally he got a chance to meet his mother's people...and they saw him as nothing more than a threat, something different. The humans saw him as different, as a threat...even from childhood. He refused to believe that his mother's race could do the same...they just couldn't.

The armored tank looked around at the archers with a new hatred. He didn't need the Dark Elves. They wanted to judge him, well then he could do the same. He looked back to his own group, silently judging them. They were the same, everyone was the same. They feared him, they felt threatened by him, they hated him...everyone did.

"A real leader would have gotten us out of this," Vakarr said to Per'dra. "A real leader would have had two or three people take care of the ferry while the others slept. A real leader would have had the strength to carry her cowardly friend out of a bar. You have done none of these things. You are weak, pathetic! Following you will do nothing but get this group killed!"

Vakarr's hidden pain, and anger over what happened was not something he could simply ignore. Sadly it seemed he was going to take this pain out on poor Per'dra.
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