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Part 7:

Alderaan, palace of Lord Xenian, Dark Lord of the Sith, and emperor of the galaxy. Xenian wears a dark jedi robe, a black hood, and has the mask of Darth Revan. Admiral John knocks the door of the emperor's office. John is a short man, with grey hair and a sith uniform.

Xenian: Come in.

John: Sir, we found the Ebon Hawk. I've sent 4 sith assassins, with their starfighters, to get them.

Xenian: Good. Xin will soon be dead!! He will pay for turning Helena against me!!

Meanwhile on the Ebon Hawk.

Xin: So what you and Lando will do?

Jack: I want to learn the ways of the force, to take revenge from the sith.

Lando: I will try to re-establish the jedi order and destroy the sith.

Xin: So, why dont we stay united and attack together the empire?

Lando: Thats a good idea.

Suddenly two black jedi starfighters appear.

Lando: Who are those guys?

Xin: Sith assassins. Lando and Jack, go to the turrets.

Jack and Lando fire at the starfighters, but they have a shield. At the same time Xenian can feel Xin throughout the force.

Xenian: Xin, i shall give you a gift. You shall be given a second chance to save Helena. Force vision!!

Xin: Ahh!!

Xin falls down. When he wakes up he is on the flagship of Xenian, with Helena and Harr.

Xin: That happened 6 months ago.

Helena: We should go to the bridge.

Xin: No, Helena, we will lose.

Helena: We have to try, or the galaxy is doomed. We must at least give some time to Harr to destroy the plans for the nukes.

Xin: I love you.

Helena: Me too.

Helena kisses Xin, and then she enters the bridge. There she finds Xenian.

Helena: Nick. I know that there is still some good in you. Come back. Leave all of this behind.

Xenian: I cant!! I have to rule my new empire. Come with me and we will make things they way we want them to be.

Helena: Only a sith can say things like that. I am sorry.

Helena attacks with her lightsaber Xenian, but Xenian blocks her attacks. Then Xenian uses force storm against Helena, but Helena blocks the force storm and turns it back to Xenian. But Xenian is still strong. He attacks with some lightsaber combos and wounds Helena in her hand.

Xenian: You can still join me and rule together the galaxy. Become my empress. I love you.

Helena: Never. Return to the light side, if you love me, or die!!

Xenian: You are the one that will die.

Helena attacks Xenian and cuts off his one hand.

Xenian: I still have one hand.

Xin: Helena, i will help you.

But suddenly 5 droids attack Xin.

Xin: Fire, fire.

As Xin fires to the droids, he loses his second chance to save Helena. Xenian manages to stab Helena and kill her.

Xin: No!!!!!!!!!!!

Xenian: Do you feel good, that you lost your love for a second time? hahahaha!!

At the same time in the Ebon Hawk.

Harr: Hhaha

Lando: What?? Xin fell down and shouts? Wake him up. We need him.

HK-47: Sir, we have lost our shield.

Jack: Damn it. One more hit and we are dead.

Lando tries to communicate with Xin throughout the force.

Lando: Calm down. Feel the force. Close your eyes.

As Xenian is ready to kill Xin, Xin closes his eyes and wakes up.

Xin: What happened?

Jack: We lost our shield. One more hit, and our journey will end here.

Xin: Go close to one of those starfighters.

Xin wears a space suit and goes at the top of the Ebon Hawk.

Sith assassin: Men, fire at this man on the top of the ship.

Xin jumps on one of the starfighters, opens the door, throws out the assassin and takes control of it.

Harr: Hhaha

Lando: That is just crazy, even for Xin.

Xin: Yea!!! Take this!!

Xin, using the sith starfighter fires at the other three starfighters and destroys them just in time. Then he throws a grenade on his starfighter, jumbs on the top of the Ebon Hawk, and activates the grenade blowing up the starfighter.

Xin: That was a victory.

On the imperial palace.

John: My Lord, the assassins have failed.

Xenian: What? You have failed for the last time admiral.

Xenian force chokes John.

Xenian: Piet, you are admiral now. Do not fail me.

Piet: Of.. of course... sir.

Piet is a humanoid admiral with green skin, red hair and yellow eyes. He wear a blue sith uniform.

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