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Vakarr stared Per'dra down as she began to speak. The two were toe to toe and practically nose to nose...helmet in this case. He listened to her words, and how she simply wanted to survive the Purge. An understandable goal, but not one strong enough to continue to lead on. This connection she spoke of, whoever was guiding her had gotten them away from danger and tried to set them on the path to the Dwarves.

The sudden cry of an archer hadn't startled him. The sound of him firing an arrow hadn't started him either. His armor was tough, a mere arrow wouldn't do anything to harm him. Per'dra catching the arrow? That did managed to startle him. He watched as she held the arrow, her eyes glaring at him. She wanted to attack him with that arrow.

Vakarr did nothing as she stared at him, arrow still in her hands. If she wanted to fight, he would certainly give her one. He never took his eyes off Per'dra's own, just waiting. He currently had mixed emotions. He wanted her to do it, attack him. He wanted her to stand up to him, to break free from fear. Perhaps he also wanted a reason to attack her as well.

His eyes darted to the arrow in her hands for a second, then they were locked back with her own. Did he in turn fear her? No, he couldn't fear anyone else. Earlier he had thought of her as different from her kind, something he still believed. Why did he want her to attack then?

He stood his ground, but did not reach for a weapon or raise his fists to combat her. He watched as she split the arrow in half and tossed it aside. He stayed silent, breathing slowly as she spoke. Why was she asking for his opinion on what to do?

Vakarr was taken by surprise from this as well. Despite what had just happened she still asked him. She seemed angry and perhaps a little upset when speaking that he was suppose to be her ally. She saw him as an ally? Instead of silencing him, she wanted his opinion...did she really value it? The question of why he wanted to attack her popped back up. Did he want her to attack because he was looking for a fight...or did he want her to because he was afraid. Not of her, not of anyone else. He feared he might actually be a part of this group, a valued member.

"Right now? There is nothing you can do. Staying silent was the best option for now," he said as he began calming down.

Vakarr continued to stare at Per'dra. She was close enough that she could see his eyes through his helmet. He knew this as he was certain she was choosing which eye to take out. His eyes had been fierce, menacing, threatening...just like him.

"Archer. Thei...our leader is still injured from the trap. She will require some treatment. We can wait until our allies prove that we are not a threat. However, your leader might find out about the attempted murder that went on here, and how an order to guard this group was blatantly disobeyed. You're a strong warrior though, and I know it won't need to come to that. Its a simple request, and this treatment could be preformed right here if need be." Vakarr kept a respectful tone, not wanting to ruin Akierra and Tegan's chances to speak with the Dark Elves.

As Vakarr spoke these words to the archer, his gaze never met the dark elf. They stayed with Per'dra most of the time, and only to Emi for a few passing seconds before going back to Per'dra. For a mere second or two, his eyes softened ever so slightly. He took a step back from Per'dra to further ease the tension in the group.

"You asked me what you should do next? I would try to contact this...connection you speak of, rather than keep waiting to be contacted. A more open line might be beneficial to the group." Vakarr suggested. "Oh, and keep your dog in line. If it speaks up again, I will smash its skull in."

The threat towards Meara was necessary in his head. All he did was fix the mistakes he made minutes ago, he wasn't getting soft with this group. He couldn't possibly, this was temporary. He was still a powerful warrior and would not be threatened by a common barmaid.
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