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Part 8:

On the Ebon Hawk.

Xin: So, what do we do now?

Lando: I would say that if we want to start a revolt, we should start it from Telos. The people in this planet hate the sith, while the army in Telos is forced to obey Xenian by its superiors. If it wasnt for the sith base there, then the army would have revolted.

Jack: Okay then. Xin lets go to Telos.

Lando: First you should go to Dantooine.

Xin: But it was destroyed.

Lando: You must go to the jedi enclave. Alone. No one shall accompany you.

So the Ebon Hawk lands on Dantooine. Xin goes alone to the enclave to face his destiny. The jedi academy is destroyed, but with the help of the force, he manages to open a path. There he finds a jedi holocron.

Jedi holocron: Astuablestagahkizsijoigjf

Xin: What is this? I dont understand anything. Yet i feel like something has changed inside me.

As Xin is ready to leave, he finds a medallion.

Xin: What is this? I think, that i should wear it.

Xin arrives at the Ebon Hawk.

Lando: What did you found there?

Xin: This medallion, and a jedi holocron.

Lando: If this medallion is the one i think, then the empire wont last long. It is a treasure of the ancient jedi, that was created 6,000 years ago. We should test it at the sith base.

So the Ebon Hawk leaves for Telos. At Telos, the team meets with an officer. The officer has brown hair, green eyes and wears a black sith uniform.

Baoal: I am an officer of the empire. What do you want?

Lando: I've heard that you dont like the emperor. We also dont like him. So can you gather a rebel army for us and for Telos?

Baoal: If you destroy the sith base, then yes. But i wont do it for you. Only for the freedom of Telos.

Lando: That can be arranged. Xin and Jack go at the base.

Xin and Jack use a stealth generator, to pass the guards and enter the base, until they find a locked door.

Jack: I will use the lightsaber. Cover me.

As Jack cuts in two the door, Xin kills, with his blaster, 5 troopers that came to see what this noise was. Xin and Jack enter the room to find that it is full of troopers.

Xin: I will go to destroy the generator. Cover me.

Jack kills one after the other the troopers, with his lightsaber. Xin opens the door, only to find a bridge leading to the generator. But in the bridge there are two hundred sith soldiers.

Xin: Oh. I have to do something, or i will end up dead. Force Storm!!!!!

As Xin says that, the medallion lightens, and in the sky, above the bridge, clouds are being formed. Soon two lightning bolts hit and kill the two hundred sith troopers, while a third one hits the generator and starts an explosion.

Xin: I have to get out here, before i become a barbecue.

Xin uses force speed to run, and as the base's door is ready to fall, he manages to escape and get out of the base, before a huge explosion blows up the entire base.

Jack: WOW!!

Lando: Oh my!! The medallion of Storm!! The one used to create huge storms, and destroyed three star systems before 5,600 years. I though that it was a legend.

Xin: Do i have such power?

Lando: Maybe, but if you use it, it might prove to be lethal. It takes part of your energy.

Xin: You.. you.. ma.. may.. be.. right..

Xin falls on the ground.

Jack: No, you cant die!!

Lando: Calm down kid! He is alive. He just needs some rest. Take him to the ship.

At the same time Baoal arrives with an army.

Baoal: I kept my promise. The army of Telos is at open revolt. We will defeat the sith and restore peace, order and justice to the galaxy. For Telos!! For Democracy!!

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