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A Debt Unpaid: Prolouge to Echo of the Force

[Onderon, evening]
Thunder crashes could be heard throughout the street, while rain poured down. In a corner, a pair stood in the pouring rain: a Rodian and a female human. Kira Sadow, the female human, showed no sign of reaction to the rain. Kira’s brunette hair, forest green eyes, commoner clothing and open jacket attracted little attention from anyone else on the street. The green Rodian, however, looked in every direction quickly before continuing their conversation.

"Is it safe; are they gone?" the Rodian asked Kira.
"They are gone, for now." Kira replied, after a quick glance around. "Now, complete your deal; The Hutt wants it delivered quickly."
"Very well, human. Here it is." the Rodian said, handing a small crystal to Kira.

She put it inside her jacket and turned to go to her ship.

"Wait, human;" the Rodian cried, blocking her path. "There’s something else you need."

The Rodian extended a datapad in his hand toward her.

"What's this?"
"Information about what really happened to him."
"Is he alive, then?" she hastily asked.
"I've said too much already; just read the datapad. All will be explained."

Kira took the datapad with some hesitation, stashing it too inside her jacket, and sprinted to the landing pad. Reaching the landing pad, she quickly scanned the area. Finding herself alone, with her heart beating rapidly, she took out the datapad and eagerly read it.

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