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*note* I believe this merits it's own post as it has nothing to do with my previous post and pertains to the next chapter of the story as the location...


Planet Name: Veloth
Function: Natural Resources (a major crystal cave which holds a special amethyst gem which Vex uses in his reconstructed lightsaber)
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Terrain: Multiple Different types (like Earth)
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Length of Day: 32 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 456 local days
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 2 million (native humanoids)

Velothians are a race of elven-like people. They are a strictly male race and can interbreed easily with other species (only the males) though they prefer to have pure Velothian blood in their sons. They worship the Duinuogwuin as their deity. Most of them are dead to the Force, save for their shamans who live for millennia before vanishing to their next plane of existence. They appear as though primitive, preferring to have nomadic clans rather than cities, but in truth they are a quite advanced race taking an immediate shine to technology introduced by other species. They wear loincloths from native non sentient beings of their planet; however the shamans are known to wear full body robes crafted from the fur of the animals. Velothians have skin that is a varying shade of purple, mostly Wisteria or Orchid coloration, webbed ears, emerald green eyes and a uniform silver colored hair. They are very aesthetically pleasing and as such often intoxicate the all sentient species, particularly the males.

A single Duinuogwuin

Non/Semisentient Species:
Z’leskr is a race of nonsentient animals indigenous to Veloth. They appear similar to a velociraptor, save for the fur which grows over the majority of their bodies. They have leathery, hairless feet which exposes their overgrown claw.
Tauntaun (though they are differently colored than the Tauntauns of Hoth and are called Sorthtul by Velothians) (indigenous)
Rancors (indigenous)
Tach (indigenous)
Katarn (indigenous)
Terentatek (immigrated)
Primal Wookies (lost sentience due to Sith Alchemy)(immigrated)
Sarlacc (immigrated)
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