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"But Master, I still don't understand."

Ja'on was seated next to one of his instructors on Coruscant, in the fairway tunnel located outside the Senate Towers. He had just "donated" a hefty sum of credits to the Order, and honed his skills further, even learning a new technique.

"Why do I have to pay credits to learn my skills? Surely the Jedi Order, in its pursuit of knowledge, can share such information freely."

"Think of it, not as a payment, but an investment, young padawan. An investment in your future."

Not to be put off so easily, Ja'on continued. "Very well then, Master, as an investment, I want to know how it works. I can see to learn new techniques, but to refine and improve the ones I already know? To hone my ability to project items costs almost as much as it was to learn how to assail my opponent's mind, and I just learned that one! Not to mention a near linear increase in the cost of learning new and refining skills I already know!"

The Master sighed, resting his head on his hand for a moment, before looking back up at the young man. "Listen, padawan, it's just how things currently are. The Republic as a whole is still recovering from the assaults of the war. Coruscant itself is still in shambles, and our Temple is still in ruins. Unfortunately, credits make the universe run, and the Order needs a source of income as well. We charge to teach and refine skills, at an increase, to ensure that there is a flow of money, in AND out. Now please, drop this issue? Perhaps in the future, things will work out without needed money, but that time is not now. Finally...would you also like to learn how to sustain a sprint using the Force? It will be useful in expediting your travels."

Ja'on sighed, thankful he was adept at gathering and selling materials, otherwise he might have had trouble keeping up with

~~~~Meanwhile on Dromund Kaas~~~~
Leakre, the red-headed cyborg drew her two sabres, Vette stepping back fearfully, the well-used shock collar a reminder to keep her mouth shut. "What do you mean, I have to pay to keep improving my skills? Why can't I just torture the information from you?"

The Sith Lord that had been helping her just smirked and sniffed, unaffected by the outburst of rage. "Simple. If you're too weak to earn enough to buy the training, you don't deserve it. Now, pay or leave. I'm a busy man."

After a moment's thought, the red-head deactivated her sabers, hanging the hilts on her belt. "Fine. Teach me," she hissed as she used the credit stick to transfer the funds, muttering the whole time about how stupid the rules were, Vette cringing, expecting to be the target of her Master's rage.

Another chapter. Leakre is the red-headed marauder from the previous chapter, used with permission by her player, Jill.

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