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Part 9:

In the Ebon Hawk, Xin wakes up.

Xin: Lando, what happened?

Lando: The medallion took too much of your energy, and it almost killed you. You must use it wise.

Xin: I will.

Lando: Now we should go to Xanjiang, an ancient planet. It is said, that this medallion came from there. But, no one survived this planet, even the armies of Revan, before one hundred years, were slain. Are you ready to face your destiny?

Xin: Yes!

At the imperial palace. Admiral Piet enters the emperors office, and informs Xenian about the medallion.

Xenian: If this is true, then the Medallions of the Force have been found!!

Piet: What are those medallions?

Xenian: Those medallions gave the ancient Jedi and Sith powers, that today we would call them unnatural.

Piet: So the one who has at least one of those medallions, will have the power to rule the galaxy.

Xenian: Yes! Admiral, sent your entire fleet to find Xin. I think that i know where Xin has gone.

Piet: We will also need your apprentice.

Xenian: No. She isnt ready yet to face Xin. Go admiral, and dont fail me.

Piet: Yes my Lord.
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