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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Someone got me to believe Directive 7 was easier than The False Emperor when I agreed to go on it, not really sure that was intentional or not.
They made D7 a bit harder than when my main first hit 50... Not sure if it was bugged before or bugged now.

One of the good things about operations is there are two healers (if you build a traditional group) so even though there are more players, you have some assistance.
Yeah moving while healing is rough, there is a part of EV where you are running & dropping off platforms, so the whole team is taking damage... I have a key mapped to "target next ally" and I hit that & slow release medpack over & over (I just have to be mindful of my own HP as that wont ever target me) and throw out the instant heal that is granted with upper hand (i forget name) every time it is available.
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