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"I kind of put my ex-girlfriend through something similar a few years ago, and we're still good friends now. Maybe we could get her to talk to him."

Jun-la replied, "That may be a good option but I do think we should take it slow and be there should testosterone decide to take over." She then noticed that something was up with Alriana. She frowned in worry and waited for the Jedi to respond.

"I think someone got to her before we did. We need to go faster."

Jun-la held Alriana by the shoulders and activated the comm, "Andros, can you get the ship to go faster?"

Andros came over the comm, ETA 20 minutes. We'll be out of hyperspace then. You know we need precise calculations otherwise we could fly through a star or bounce too close to a supernova... you know.

Jun-la nodded. She turned her attention to Alriana, "We're almost there. Talk to her through the Force. If you need help, ask." She held onto the Jedi with a firm and gentle grip.


Tavaryn tried to move rocks to get out of the pocket he had been saved in but he was at an awkward angle and there was some soreness to his limbs.

Vital signs are normal with slight elevation.

"Thanks you old nag," Tavaryn muttered. He said he would be careful and he had no idea if this was even toeing the line for that.

This is Tywin. Interference from the cave is keeping us from reaching Kol or Komad, but we're on our way to you.

Tavaryn put a hand to his helmet as if he could hear clearly through the static and the like. He replied, "This is Alpha Leader. I am trapped somewhere under the debris. If you can follow my signal..."


Good work! But we have a problem up here: A Sith battlegroup dropped out of hyperspace. We will not be able to retrieve you until they have been dealt with. This may take awhile.

We're done here; make for the ATT's!

Tariq picked up on the transmissions and looked to Scatty for confirmation. She nodded that she heard right. They knew the LT was all right but they were at a loss of what to do. They had been taught to leave no one behind. He carefully composed his reply so that the Ackbar and the Jedi could pick up, "This is Alpha Team and we read you. However our CO is in danger at the moment. Requesting back up from a neighboring unit to attempt rescue."

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