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I think choosing the American Revolution as a backdrop was a really interesting choice, and I look forward to playing the game. But, being an American I'm biased.

Although, and somewhat to igyman's point...what wondrous cities can we expect to explore? Certainly Boston or Philadelphia, or perhaps New York come to mind..maybe even Charleston in the south or perhaps Montreal or Quebec...but..even though Philadelphia was a large city and New York and Boston were huge centers of trade I don't think any of them matched up to the picturesque cityscapes we saw in Rome, Constantinople, or Venice. I'm interested to see what Ubisoft does with cities in the colonies and how they match up to what we saw with Rome in Brotherhood and Constantinople in Revelations. Or perhaps they want to switch gears and this game will see more of a focus on smaller villages and wooded terrain???

Your guys' thoughts on this?

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