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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
DRM helps protect games. It isn't the company's fault that the DRM ends up cracked by talented pirates.
Well, it certainly isn't the legitimate consumer's fault that pirates crack their games. And yet they are the ones who have to deal with DRM every time they want to play the game.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Piracy is a major concern for video game companies and while they can't shoot lawsuits at every torrent site like MPAA, they try to make sure they're trying their level best at the product-end.
I agree that companies should try to protect their products, but not at the expense of legit consumers. In fact, these should be the priority, not the pirates.

Why does a company obliges someone to have an internet access (which is paid), to install a software that doesn't benefit the game, to create an account of said software, login every time they want to play the game, all in order to finally the person who paid the game can enjoy the product (s)he paid for? All this for a single player game like Skyrim and many others. In the end, the pirates are the one who get the "DRM free version", and the consumers are left to deal with all this crap.

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