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Part 10:

So the Ebon Hawk lands at the jungle world of Xanjiang. From the sky, they could see that it was a jungle world, with some ancient pyramids. They didn't knew anything about this world, because it was remote, and every time an army tired to occupy it, it was slain. No one returned alive from this planet.

Xin: So, Jack and Lando, what we will do?

Jack: I say that we should go and explore the jungle.

Xin: I agree. But there are two paths, the left and the right. What path we will follow?

Lando: Jack stay on the ship and guard it, and make sure that we can make a quick escape if something happens. Me and Xin will go on the left path, while Harr and HK-47 will go on the right path.

HK-47: As you wish, master!!

Harr: Hhaahha

Xin: Okay then. Lets go!!

As Xin and Lando walk in the left path, they find a diary. Xin reads the diary.


Day 41:

Revan told us before 30 day to go in this damned planet!! He is in his flagship taking over worlds of the republic, and celebrates victory, while we are slain by the -( dust and time have destroyed this part of the book.)

Day 68:

Today all of my division was killed by the----- Only 200 soldiers remain from the 50,000 that were sent here. All were killed by the n------- Revan damn you!! If i ca- ( This part has blood on it).

Xin: So, this is how the armies of Revan were destroyed. Lando, do you hear me?

Suddenly, when he turns back to talk to Lando, he doesnt find him.

Xin: I have a bad feeling about this!!

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