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I like the choice of setting, but I think his outfit looks stupid.

Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
I would have preferred the French Revolution, a lot more intrigue and plotting going on there.

It's pretty stupid that the protagonist is half English half Native American, yet is killing redcoats. Realistically he'd almost definitely be firmly on the side of the English, considering they at least semi-respected the agreements made with Native American tribes, while the colonists wanted unchecked expansion into native lands. It would even work better from an AC story perspective, what with so many founding fathers being freemasons and stuff like that.

But no, it has to be FREEDOM AMERICA JUSTICE LIBERTY! Kill those evil Englishmen! I mean, I love my country enough to risk my life for it, but an important part of true patriotism is having a realistic view of both the good and bad aspects of your country, not some BS propagandist fantasy. The Revolutionary War had a bit to do with liberty, but much more to do with money, land, and other economic interests, like any other war.

If they'd only done the French Revolution, they could have avoided this stupidity.
I quite agree. After seeing the trailer, it's as if they've been speaking to Gibson and Emmerich.
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