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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
Mullet guy's hair + soul patch guy's head (with some minor tweaks) = the best Revan.
you know, the more I think about it, the more it looks like PMHC01 is the canon head. Think about it, when Revan decides to never take off the Mando mask until the Cathar are avenged, that leaves little room for proper grooming. When Bastila and the Council finally capture him, he probably looked like a mess once they took the mask off him. When they mind wiped him and gave him a new identity, they probably gave him a hair cut and a shave as well. Otherwise, how would Bastila ever fall in love with a Jedi that looks like a Wookiee and smells like a Bantha? Once the two get hitched after Kotor ending, he lets his hair grow again, 'cause the long hair and beard look is a human Jedi tradition (or something).

Anyway, I couldn't find any original screenshots, so here are some mods (similar angle to pic in post #1) to back up my theory:

The only thing that blows my theory out of the stars, is PMHC01 has a scar under his right eye, and the TOR Revan instead has a scar on his lips (not including the mask scars that happen after TSL)

Thanks for the files VP, I'll look at 'em this weekend.

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