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Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
Anyway, I couldn't find any original screenshots, so here are some mods (similar angle to pic in post #1) to back up my theory:
An interesting theory - and my theory at one point. If anything, a slightly more gaunt face would go a long way.

I may take a look at it quick and see if I can whip up something slightly different - something that includes that head but with the longer hair (and of course the possible lip scar)


Round 2
Show spoiler

I tried using the head Redrob suggested and I like the results. While the head isn't so resemblant of TOR Revan's beard and long hair combo, there were some other details I feel I tackled more closely than the previous model. The eyebrows and hairline I think are quite perfect. I also made his forehead much larger, and of course, his cheekbones are much more prevalent (due to having gaunt cheeks). I removed the eye scar (not intending to put a lip scar) and I'm still sort of undecided on whether or not to give him longer hair. On one hand, it seems like having short hair would go along with the whole "rehabilitated Jedi" sort of dealio, but then again, it doesn't really look like Revan either.

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