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Ja'on was panting, holding his saber in a defensive position, sweat dripping from his forhead. Deep in the Old Market on Coruscant, he was cornered by enforcers of the Migrant Merchant's Guild. He had defeated two of his pursuers already, relying on keeping the vibro-sword wielders at range with the Force, but it had been taxing. The third, so much stronger than the others, it was rediculous, was much harder to put off.

The green beam of energy hummed, the nosie almost comforting to the padawan as he readied himself for the onslaught of strikes about to be unleashed. As the thug came at him, he threw everything he had, chucking a boulder at the man, followed by the stream of rocks. This slowed the advance, which let that channel bleed completely dry, before his opponent was in striking range.

"I had been proud that I had not needed to rely on this yet," he thought to himself, "but this will end the fight." Shifting his grip, he channeled the force, not externally, but within himself, pumping his muscles, expanding his strength. Just as he was about to be struck, he went on the offensive, taking two vicious swings at the man, expecting to kill him instantly. When he failed to cut the man's clothing open, let alone kill him, his face was set with shock.

"What the?" he managed to utter before the glowing weapon in his opponent's hands smashed into his arm. The pain was intense, but it drew no blood, and didn't dismember or even break his bones. "Now I know the Force is screwing with me," he thought hysterically before the area around him exploded, repeatedly, after which the thug dropped to the ground, defeated.

Shocked at the turn of events, seeing that the explosions didn't even get his boots dirty, he looked around. On the road in front of the building was a member of the Republic Army, a heavy looking assault cannon held deftly in his hands. The other man gave a tilt of his head, before walking off, a very attractive woman following him.


Ja'on deactivated his saber, shaking his head, completely confused at these turns of events.....the lightsaber not cutting through everything save Cortosis or Phrik...the mortar explosions killing his enemy but not even touching him....he had much to meditate on before venturing out again....

Next installment of Thoughts. Ja'on's having harder and harder times dealing with the Mechanics of TOR. hehe

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