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Part 11:

Xin doesn't finds Lando, so he walks back to the Ebon Hawk, only to see that the path is blocked by some trees.

Xin: This trees weren't here when i passed before twenty minutes! Someone has trapped me.

Then a dark hooded man with a sith mask, a black sith robe and two red lightsabers comes near to Xin.

Xin: That is impossible!! Revan died before 100 years.

Revan: Its time to face your destiny Xin.

Xin force pushes Revan, and steals one of Revan's lightsabers.

Xin: Now, that is a fair fight.

Meanwhile the imperial fleet is gathered at Xanjiang. A short soldier comes near admiral Piet.

Soldier: Sir, what do you order?

Piet: Order a full scale invasion on the planet. However my flagship and some starfighters will remain here. Cut all communications on the planet.

Soldier: But, sir, all armies that tried to occupy this planet, were slain.

Piet: Then hope that you will have a better luck!

So the invasion begins. Jack, manages to see the sith fleet. As he is ready to go board the Ebon Hawk, a squad of twenty sith troopers attack him. Outnumbered, he has to rely on his lightsaber skills. At the same time Xin fights with Revan. Xin does some complex lightsaber combos against Revan, but Revan manages to defend against all of them. But Xin, using force storm, injures Revan and attacks him with his lightsaber. Revan tries to defend, but Xin cuts off both of his hands.

Revan: Kill me. Give in to your hate. Let your hatred to consume you.

Xin: I...i will... n-

Suddenly an explosion starts and three trees are ready to fall on Xin, while Revan disappeared. Revan was just a vision, a force trick. With Lando lost, Jack outnumbered and Xin ready to die, the galaxy's last hope is ready to be lost. But the Force can change events and situations. A power enough strong to destroy entire planets shall be released, and the ancient jedi shall be revived.

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