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That's exactly the type of "chemistry" I wanted to convey between Qyzen and Per'dra. If there's anything I don't like in Star Wars stories, it's romances that seem unfair, nonsensical, or so ill-developed that they seem like cardboard cutouts falling in love. In my story, the Trandoshan and the Human are anything BUT romantically involved, yet they're "soul mates" anyway. In the STAR WARS prequels, I was so disappointed at the relationship between Anakin and Padme--George Lucas could have done FAR more with it, but chose to focus 99% of his efforts on CGI effects instead. By the way, did Anakin fall in love with Padme because it's a classic case of "(future) hunk meets gorgeous girl, and they're destined to be together?" When I write about Qyzen and Per'dra, it's definitely a meeting of the minds, not the faces. :P

I've often thought about revealing their deeper feelings for one another, but I don't want this to become like RotS or Katniss and Peeta's pairing in THE HUNGER GAMES. For me, in this latter case, it distracted from the brutality and horror of the main plot. As soon as Katniss and Peeta started to fall for each other, I thought, "GROAN! Get back to the story, because the Romeo and Juliet remake really doesn't work in the middle of the brutal Hunger Games. In STAR WARS, the romance is essential to the plot. Other than Anakin's lust for power, his love for Padme is the main reason he yields to Senator Palpatine after killing Mace Windu. THE HUNGER GAMES, perhaps, would have reached new heights of poignancy had Katniss and Peeta NOT fallen in love, remaining brother-and-sister-in-arms/self-sacrificial competitors.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, despite my (intended) chemistry between Qyzen and Per'dra, there will be no romance. I know all too well that would ruin the third part of my story, making its real message (which I WON'T spoil here) like the sun, drowning everything else in its brilliant light.
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