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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
What trend in the gaming industry do you find the most troubling?

1. Online activation and online requirement to play (DRM). 3rd party requirement (Steam to play Skyrim or Origin to play Mass Effect 3).

2. Along the same lines. Digital distribution the move towards no longer having a physical copy and only being able to purchase the game from certain digital distributors (exp Origin)

3. Streamlining games in an attempt to make them more attractive to a wider audience.

4. More and more games being made with consoles in mind and PC just being a ported after thought.

5. More games trying to add multiplayer/co-op

How about: "6. All of the above"?

What happened to the days when you could just go to a store, buy the game on a CD/DVD, install it quick and easy, and play to your heart's content without being angry with the poor consol porting and not worrying if you'll have the money for the multitude of DLC's already announced by the time the game was released...
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