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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I don't know... you're not really explaining the situation in enough detail for us to really comment.

I was just following my quest, on Tatooine. Wasn't flagged for PVP or anything, and along come two Sith. I was in the middle of fighting a droid npc and they start circling me or whatever, so i stealthed (not that it mattered, they can still see me I guess), and start heading the other way. Then I get a duel invite and I decline..then another, I decline.
Then the guy says "blah blah - 1 duel".
So i say whats the point? your almost twice my level. So, I cant remember what he was saying but, the droid and npcs I just killed respawn so i start fighting them..then all of a sudden Im flagged for PVP (I guess) and he jumps me and kills me with like 2 attacks.
Then I respawn so i can go about my quest and hes still there..and as soon as i come in he jumps and kills me again.
Is it even possible for someone to set your pvp flag with invites?..or somesuch?
And I suppose, though i really dont think so, that *maybe* I accidently toggled pvp on ...but i doubt it.
Anyway..I dont know what happened, but I didn't want to die just so he could feel like a tough guy...killing somebody half his level.
So after the second time I just went back to Anchorhead so he'd leave.
Kinda irritating.
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