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Part 12:

6,000 years before the rise of Xenian's dark sith empire and 10,000 years before Darth Vader, a jedi padawan named Excalarth, was walking in Chongian, an ancient planet, full of plains and small jedi monasteries. Excalarth had green eyes, long brown hair and wore the ancient robe of the jedi monks. The jedi order, was still a small religious order of monasteries and warrior monks, that was centered in Chongian. Excalarth was a young man that lived as a farmer in Chongian. He lived peacefully until some raiders, named Malochians, attacked and burned his village, killing his grandfather, his two brothers and his sister. He then went to a jedi monastery, in order to become a warrior monk and take revenge. He waited for five days, outside the monastery, in the rain, without food or water, to enter in it. It had been a month since then. Now Excalarth is a padawan. He trains under Stelios, a tall bald man, with brown eyes, and wears a yellow jedi master robe.

Stelios: Train hard Excalarth!! Get those pails of water to the Xolan monastery and then return!!

Excalarth: But the monastery is six hours away and the pails are very heavy.

Stelios: Do what it must be done. Train. And don't even dare to have someone to help you, or use an animal to carry the water for you. You will also go by feet there.

Excalarth: Okay master. May the force be with you.

Stelios: May the force be with you.

Two hours later Excalarth complains.

Excalarth: I haven't learn any fighting move. I only carry water. How am i supposed to take revenge? By throwing water on the raiders?! I will never learn any fighting move.

As he walks, he watches a young woman, with long blond hair, blue eyes and a jedi robe.

Anastasia: Helo. My name is Anastasia. Are you a padawan here?

Excalarth: Yes, but the jedi never teach me a fighting move.

Anastasia: The jedi are wise. But i may learn you a move or two.

Excalarth: Really?! Thank you!!

So the legend begins. The myth said that a young boy shall create a weapon of storm, and that 6,000 years after him, a man will use it again to wage war against tyranny.
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