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Ja'on had always been a good person, always held the Jedi Code in his heart, followed the rules, and trusted the Force to guide him through life. And thus far, none could say he had fallen to the Dark Side in any decision he had ever made.

He also had weird reaccuring dreams, certain missions or tasks, almost identical every time. One in particular, boarding the Esseles to fly from the Republic Fleet to Coruscant, was regular when he was first heading to the capital of the Republic, though in each dream those he traveled with seemed to change. Though that mattered little. Every time he dreamed, he always did what was right.

Today, much stronger than when he started the dreams, he was actually boarding the Esseles with three others, a member of the Army, a rogue ship captain, and a fellow jedi, though one of the knights, a member that focused on lightsaber combat over the secrets of the force.

As he boarded and moved through the ship, it was like his dreams, exact in almost every detail. As they moved, he noticed his companions a little closer. The rogue was sporting two blaster pistols, while the Army man used a simple rifle with what appeared to be a shield generator integrated into his armor. The fellow Jedi was dual-armed as well, and if today's trip actually played out as his dreams showed, then he knew the well-rounded group would handle all problems with ease.

And, while they were talking to a Twi'lek passenger, the dream played itself out easily. The Empire attacked the ship, his companions and he running to the bridge, helping defend the civilians. And, just as in his dreams, the Moff appeared, and gave the same responses as always. It was freakishly eerie how similar the real mission and the dreams were playing out.

Because of the similarities, he knew every twist and turn his mission was taking long before it happened, which helped, considering he was, by far, the strongest and most experienced member of the four. Therefor, when he made it to engineering, with the bridge in lockdown, he knew that one of the junior members would suggest a reactor reset, and the concequences. Every dream, no matter how many times he dreamt, he refused that course of action, instead shutting down the security conduits to end the lockdown. He had uttered the lines so many times, he knew exactly what he was going to say.

"Well, the engineers will die, so the rest may live. Your sacrifice will not be in vain," the words flowed so easily from his lips! Before he could respond, act, or renounce what he just said, his body moved, almost as of it's own accord, to the panel to reset the reactor, flushing the helpless people from the ship into space. The whole time, his mind was screaming, "NO! That's not how it's supposed to be!"

He continued through the mission, though, as though he had not just killed eight unarmed civilians. As though their loss was nothing. They boarded the bridge, fought the mandalorians sitting there, then went onto the imperial ship, fought their way through it, deactivating the tractor beam. Finally, after defeating all the forces thrown at them, they were ready to end the mission, and take the Ambassador back. He knew the captain did not want that, after all, if the Moff had her, why would he chase them? And every dream, he took her back, without fail. There were a couple dreams, where he told her of the Captain's plan, but still took her back.

So, when he drew his saber, threatening to attack her, forcing her back while he and his companions boarded the shuttle, he was the most shocked person of them all. He couldn't even appologize to her, force his hands off his blade, nothing. He just left her to a mock trial, torture, and eventual execution. And while his mind screamed how wrong it was, he just did it!

A hour later, when he finished reporting what happened and his thoughts on everything, the Masters just looked at each other, then one gave him a comforting smile. "It's ok, young Padawan. It happens to the best of us. Maybe next time you'll right those wrongs? Your choices did give you the right to wear a new title, but..."

Ja'on cut him off, "Next time? What next time?! I left the Ambassador to die, Master! I just...." Mid-sentance, he just collapsed to the floor, the last fleeting thought was perhaps exhaustion took him.

Another stage in Thoughts. The ending was "nap time" which is the only possible explination I can think of ICly for logging out in various areas. Fell asleep at the cantina table, went to be in your ship, just collapsed from running around for 16 hours at a full sprint hacking, channeling, and shooting at things, etc.

Also the "dreams" he had about running the Esseles is the only logical explination for repeatable quests(heroics, flashpoints, etc).

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