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I think there may be other ways of getting flagged, but if you were playing a Republic character then I can't see how it would've happened
Ok..thats what I wanted to know..there are other ways of getting flagged..I don't really know because this is really my first MMO. I played WOW for about two weeks and made it to 7th level or something like two years ago...

that if you used an aoe while near a flagged played
AOE? whats that?
EDIT..nevermind..just dawned on me what that is..Area of Effect? Yeah I think I did.

The only other way you could've gotten flagged is if you targeted them accidentally and attacked....
ok..yeah. It may be possible I did something by accident while I was either fighting the npc droid or something. Maybe I just thought I hit "decline" and accidently hit "accept"..can't really remember now.

Maybe you should lvl up to at least 45 and teach them a lesson. the time I get to 45 though...?
Also maybe you can use that force cloak skill to get away from him?
Well, thats just it..I used my stealth..they could still see me. They had actually went away for a minute and came back. I stayed stealth for that long - but then they came back with their speeders and kept getting right up in my face and circling me - so they could see me regardless. Realizing this, I just unstealthed and was typing or something, which is about when the npc's spawned back I had to fight those or else get killed by them.

I hope you reported them. I have zero tolerance for griefing and think they should be removed from game asap.
Well,...I dont know about all that. It's not that big of a deal. Its over now.. Just wanted to know if there were other ways they could have flagged me...

Ok..thanks for the replies everyone.

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