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(K1) Custom Items

I'm working on a very small mod that gives your character a few custom items in the footlocker on the endar spire. The items will include: a blaster, a combat suit, a belt/armband, an energy shield, and a vibroblade. These items will be relatively weak because I plan on recreating this mod when you become a Jedi(you'll get more custom items). The jedi items will include: a robe, another armband/belt, and another energy shield designed for lightsaber damage(maybe a crystal, too. And, if I wnat to go far enough, a lightsaber with a custom hilt and your name on it).

What I need:
How to insert your name into an items description and name

Shouldn't be too hard. Thanks, noname35

EDIT: I also plan on giving a lot of custom items to NPCs you kill and/or recruit. Examples: Brejik, Sherruk, HK-47, Jagi, and a lot more

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