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It doesn't make sense that the Exile is still alive and not already a target for the Sith, also why wasn't he eliminated in the purge?
That was going to be explained in part 15. But lets just say that the empire doesn't know yet that he is a jedi, and they think that the only jedi left is Xin, although he doesn't have a lightsaber ( he gave it to Jack) and mostly he uses the medallion of storm.

EDIT: Also went the purge begun, he was still on exile.

The prologue covered too much. The attack on the Sith lord would have been a story to itself.
actually i just copied the duel scene from Dark Galaxy.

From there everything is too rushed. Having him say 'Tatooine plan' was cute because it gives Har a reason to get upset for the argument between him and his human partner.
Harr is very angry, because he remembered what happened in Tatooine. Those who read the Great Purge, will recognize the plan. About the rushed, well i wanted to make this be a more adventure story. But i agree: Going from Besbin to blowing up a sith base with an ancient medallion was a little rushed, but as i said, i wanted this to be based more on action.

Do something for me, try to do the next one prose style rather than script style. You'll see what I mean if you do.
What is prose style?

I hope that you will continue reading my story.

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