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( For those who are confused, this tell us the story how the medallion of storm was created )

Part 13:

For two months, Excalarth was secretly training under Anastasia. His fighting skills became very good. His master, Stelios saw that something has changed in his apprentice, so he went to ask him what happened.

Excalarth: Nothing happened!!

Stelios: Really?

Excalarth: Yes master. I would never betray you.

Stelios sensed that his apprentice lied to him. So he threw a lightsaber to Excalarth and attacked him, using his lightsaber, with no warning. Excalarth managed to defend himself using an advanced fighting technique.

Stelios: So you lied to me!! You are not worth being a jedi. Where did you learn that skills?

Excalarth: I wont tell you!!

Stelios: Oh, yes, you will.

Stelios attacked, with a complicated lightsaber combo, Excalarth, but Excalarth defended and attacked him. Excalarth then started to use an over-aggressive fighting style, and after one minute of fighting, he cut in two the lightsaber of his master. Stelios was unarmed, defenseless.

Stelios: You won me! However i can still save you, tell me who teach you this?

Excalarth: Master, i wont betray her.

Stelios then used the force to throw various items on Excalarth, but Excalarth cut all of them with his lightsaber.

Excalarth: Is this all you got, my master?

Stelios: No!!!

Stelios used force lighting, and almost burned Excalarth's skin, but he stopped.

Excalarth: I wont make the same mistake as you and stop.

Excalarth was ready to attack and kill Stelios, when Anastasia entered the jedi monastery.

Anastasia: Excalarth, stop!

Stelios: So, that is your teacher now. She is evil. She disobeys the council and she works for Tyzan, a local warlord.

Anastasia: Enough of these lies. Kill him.

Excalarth: I....he.. is... master....

Anastasia: Kill him, if you truly love me, and you want to take revenge for your family. Only then you will have the power to stop those raiders.

Stelios: Dont listen to her.

Excalarth: I...

Anastasia: Do it!!

Stelios finds the chance to use the force to take a lightsaber from the monastery's lightsaber box, the place where lightsabers are guarded. He then attacks Anastasia, but Excalarth blocks his attack, and cuts off both hands of his master.

Anastasia: Finish him. You showed him mercyand he used this moment to attack us.

Excalarth decided to force choke his old master. But as Stelios was redy to die, he sensed a voice in the force << Let him go boy. >>. Excalarth let his old master and run to the city, leaving the monastery. Soon five jedi knights came and arrested Anastasia. A rodian jedi came to talk to Stelios.

Jedi: Should we kill the boy?

Stelios: No, he can still be saved.

Meanwhile Excalarth remembered that Stelios was like a father to him. He couldnt believe how blinded he was. As he was walking, he saw the raiders that killed his family. He became angry.

Excalarth: Die!!!

Excalarth killed one after the other the raiders. As the same time Anastasia was put on trial by the jedi. The rodian jedi came near her.

Jedi: For your crimes against the monastery, you will be executed!!

Anastasia however uses force lighting on the jedi, killing him , and steals his lightsaber. After a quick duel all jedi are dead except Stelios, who uses five floating lightsabers against her. Excalarth returns to the monastery to apologize to his master.

Excalarth Master?!

Anastasia kills Stelios, with a single lightsaber strike.

Excalarth: No!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anastasia: Join me!

Excalarth: Never!!

Excalarth run away. He left for the spaceport, where he stole a starship and went to the crystal planet.
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