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Chapter 1

[Tatooine, midnight]
After a typical week followed the conversation between the Rodian and Kira, she found herself unable to sleep. How could I sleep, especially after reading that datapad? She wondered. Just then, she thought she heard someone walking toward her door. Using only minimal movements, as to avoid being heard, she snatched her blaster from its holster lying beside the bed.

Just then, the footsteps stopped feet away from her door. She then saw a circle being sliced around the metal door. She closed her eyes. Not a Jedi; not now, please. Kira desperately thought to herself, while pretending to be asleep. The door was pushed open, but quiet enough only she and the intruder could hear it.

“Get up and drop the blaster.” the intruder demanded, aiming a pair of heavy blasters at her.

She opened her eyes, though she was hesitant to drop the blaster.

“Do you wish to endanger yourself with the wrath of the Exchange?” Kira boldly asked.
“Smugglers are expendable to them; so, you are full of empty threats.” the man corrected.

Kira almost responded, but stopped herself when she realized that this man had a point. With no other logical choice, she put her blaster on the ground slowly.

“I’m glad to see that you're smarter than most with whom I have to deal.” the man said.

He put binders on her hands, and led her to his ship. After they boarded it, he punched in the hyperspace coordinates for Nar Shaddaa. With the ship en route, he decided it was time to check on his "passenger". He found her struggling to get her binders off.

“That won’t do you any good, especially since the ship is in hyperspace currently.” he informed Kira.
“Who are you? Where are you taking me, and why?” Kira demanded, disregarding the binders for the moment.
“All good questions; let’s just say that you’ve attracted the wrong attention.” he answered. “As for my name, if you must know, it is Junn Khan.”
“I’ve heard that name before.”
“With good reason.” Khan replied. “Is there more I could do for you before we arrive?”

After no response, Khan left with the hood of his cloak lowered, revealing Mandalorian armor. Kira noted that quickly. Junn Khan: Why do I know that name? Wait a second; isn’t he an ex-Jedi? Kira thought to herself. Yes, I am. Kira heard inside her head.
[Nar Shaddaa, sunrise]
“I’m at the rendezvous point with the girl; when will you arrive?” Khan said into a comlink.
“Soon enough.” came the reply, in Huttese.

Within minutes, a Hutt and his bodyguards arrived. He motioned one guard to grab Kira; Khan grabbed the guard’s arm before he could.

“You said that she was to remain free. Do I need to inform the Jedi that you’re breaking the law?” Khan questioned.
“I don’t answer to Jedi or any ex-Jedi.” the Hutt insisted.

Khan took his cyan lightsaber, after letting go of the guard. He held the blade against the Hutt’s jaw.

“You were saying?” He sarcastically asked.
“Fine; Keep the girl, but know that the bounty is still live on her.” The Hutt said.

Khan took Kira out of the guard’s grip and glared at the Hutt, until the Hutt left.

“Care to explain what just happened?” Kira asked, as Khan put his lightsaber away.
“You weren’t supposed to get that datapad. The Hutt already had the Rodian killed; you, however, were supposed to go free after I paid off the Hutt.” Khan said, with a deep sigh.
“What happens now?” she hesitantly asked.
“I will accompany you where the Hutt won’t find you. Before then, there’s something I want to show you.”

He walked her over to his ship, and motioned her to kneel on the ground. She, starting to trust him, complied. He used his connection to the Force, and showed Kira it in her head. She began to feel the Force inside her, while hearing all the voices on Nar Shaddaa.

“What…what are you doing?!” she cried.
“I am providing you protection from the Hutt.” Khan said. “But, no one can know I taught you; especially the Jedi.”

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