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Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
Well I hate to be that guy who injects a bit of positivity into what is otherwise a round-bollocking session
It's just the ending that is the problem (well and the popamole combat, but that's not unique to this entry). The rest of the game is pretty good. Sure, there are the inevitable eye rolling moments that are part and parcel of any recent Bioware game, but there is plenty of great stuff to balance it out. As ever, some of the best moments are the crew interactions, both with you and each other, especially between the old hands Liara, Garrus and Tali. It's a shame so much of their dialogue is ME2 DLC-style ambient rather than interactive (the Virmire survivor seems particularly shafted in this regard - well Ashley at least), but better that than nothing.

One thing I liked that I think they didn't quite capitalise on was the flashlight sections. They probably trotted it out a few times too many, but once or twice it provided some nice, albeit brief, tension.
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