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Kay, I've finished the game. Cried a helluva lot. It's been one hell of a ride, but I'm hoping DarthParametric and such can untangle my confused mind on the ending.
I went with the Synthesis option, and I must say, it definately was a forced ending, as no matter which you picked, Shep died. This disappointed me to be honest.
But anyway; What became of Joker, EDI and the rest of the Normandy crew? They crash landed then got out of the ship and looked on. I didn't understand. Was this a total step back in history (theoretically, not literally) because of what synthesis did? I mean, did they just find a new planet that they had to start totally fresh on?
What happened to Earth?
Surely, if I understood it and the races HAVE started all over again, surely, that means the Mass Effect Universe is over and cannot be continued upon?

And I am interested to know about this 'One More Story' the stargazer speaks of. I'm guessing major story DLC in ME3. Man, I miss Shepard :'(

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