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A Debt Unpaid: Prolouge to Echo of the Force
Ferc Kast

KOTOR prologue: A new adventure

The piece is way too short to get a good grip on where the story is going. Also I have yet to see any Rodian that was not green, you actually repeat that the Rodian is green.

I see it's from a game module, which is interesting. If you need help with the dialogue or with editing such dialogue, let me know.
I wouldn't have distinguished the green Rodian, but Wookieepedia states Rodian skin is "most commonly green, with variations in pigment including purple and blue." Hence, I distinguished by saying the Rodian was green. (Which I only mentioned once, or at least only once with my revision on it the other day.) Also the main character is not from a game module, but a game modification. I was just trying to set the stage for the rest of the fanfic by posting the intro of the fanfic.

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