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Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
Hey, dude, I got a kiss and a photoshopped image, you should be happy. :P
You know, I'm just past picking up Tali and I am already happy with the continued romance. So far there has been nothing really physcial beyond holding hand, but the sense of love, friendship humor, hope and loyalty that the two have shown in their short time reunited have been some of the best writting I have seen in a video game romance. BioWare's usual game romances have usually been as deep as a kitchen sink, but this has been a pleasant surprise.

If Lynk wasn't bsing me about what happens if the geth/guarian storyline worked out differently, then I think BioWare has done a 1st rate job in writing a mature realationship and they also took a huge risk if ChAiNz gets the ending Lynk told me about.
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