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~Final Thoughts of a Padawan~
Ja'on had lost it completely. He was running around Coruscant in just his undergarments, jumping madly as he went, screaming maniacally. The normal residents and guards paid him no mind, while others ignored him or maybe rose an eyebrow questioningly at his actions.

"It's a game! Don't you see?" Over and over, he screamed the same thing. "We're all in a game!"

He went to one of the local vendors, sold all of his posessions, then ran around again. He saw a trooper, a young lieutenant, and ran up to him. "We're in a game! Here you go," he said, before giggling hysterically, shoving the credit stick in the astonished man's hand, before running off again, randomly breaking out in dance, flirting with people, and just sitting in the middle of the road.

Lt. Akarek, the newly appointed CO of Havoc Squad, just stared at the stick, worth well over 8,000 credits, with a dumb-struck look on his face. Sgt Jorgan, the first member appointed to the squad after Akarek's promotion, chuckled. "At least he's happy. And we can use that money to upgrade our gear."

The Lieutenant shook his head, pocketed the stick, and turned to his companion. "Let's not keep the General waiting then," he said quietly, the two heading to the senate towers.

Final chapter of Thoughts. I was running out mechanics vs. lore ideas, and short of legacy(which will take me a while to get to), speeder training, and skill trees, there is nothing new to confuse the poor consular over.

Skill trees, I thought about, but it's just a specialization within a set skill set, and is easily explained by a real world. For example, you have Handy-Man Jack, who is going to be a home-repair man. HM Jack learns the basics, structure, safety, etc. He then hits "level 10" and specializes. He can choose external or internal repairs. External would be walls, painting, and the such. Internal would be electrical, plumbing, and the such. He chooses Internalist. He gets the abilities to get into walls, and do general repairs on stuff inside. His trees would then be Electrical, Plumbing, and the shared tree of Internal Structuring. If he went external, they would have been Internal Structuring, Roofing, and Painting. So Skill Trees wouldn't have been a good chapter.

Speeder training....again. Not too much. Takes a while to learn to drive a car. And these are hovering speeder bikes and the such.

And Legacy, I haven't gotten...and for the moment it's just a name.

I may be writing more about Lt. Akarek, though, in his own stories.

Thanks for reading this.

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