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This is why they need to fix the ending...

"We have circa. 30,000 people coming out saying that the endings are flawed factually and logically."

From a money stand point, let's say there are many more then 30,000 upset about the ending but some of them don't go forums they simply don't end up buying any DLC.

Now lets say content DLC like an Omega one is $10.

And say the 30,000 don't buy DLC which if the ending was good,..would have....
that's a lost of $300,000 on just one if there are 200,000 people who are a mix of forum and non forum but upset over the ending= they won't buy DLC just because they see no point due to the ending...they are looking at a lost of.... 2 million dollars ...lets say 1 million if you use 100,000 as the pool of players who would have bought content DLC like Omega if the ending was good.

This is just on one DLC content. lets say there are 3 DLC contents like Omega being built now...Your looking at a lost of 3-6 million dollars in loses.

The smart business model is to release what they can call a Director's edition patch which puts in and fixes the ending....

What Bioware has to remember people are not going to buy DLC based on protest,..they are not going to buy because emotionally they feel what is the point.

And I'm one of those who would have bought DLC and wants to but emotionally i feel with the present endings i just can't.

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