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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III: Malachor's Revange

In a galaxy, far, far away...

Peace stretches from one corner of the GALAXY to the other. The GALACTIC REPUBLIC, is facing a time of STABILITY and economical WELFARE.
Ninety years after the DARK WARS, the JEDI have reestablished their presence on CORUSCANT, and serve the galaxy once more as the GUARDIANS OF PEACE.
Yet rumors about a small group of FORCE USERS, who cause some minor problems across the GALCTIC CAPITAL, can't be stopped. The question is... are these rumors only rumors?

A man dressed in a simple but elegant senatorial dress, stood on the balcony of his luxurious apartment, over viewing the beautiful skyline of Coruscant. The sight always took his breath, the kilometers high skyscrapers, all the lights, the bustling of life all around him, and of course the Senate Dome, which he saw perfectly from his balcony.
The man, a Senator of the Galactic Republic, representing his home planet of Onderon, walked back inside, as the night had fallen, and the temperatures dropped. He sighed deeply as a nostalgic memory of Iziz settled down in his mind. Although Coruscant had become his home, the place he loved to be, Senator Al Dremar couldn't stop missing Iziz's marvelous architecture, the calm and harmonic atmosphere and of course the sight of Duxn high in the sky, a sight that surpassed everything...
He remembered how his grandfather used to tell, how the famed Jedi Exile, returned the peace back to Onderon, and gave Queen Talia a firm and good rule. As a child, he loved to hear about this Jedi Exile, how she fought bravely in the Mandalorian Wars, how she was exiled, and later how she ventured across the galaxy, falling from one adventure into another. Al Dremar couldn't help but smile at that thought, and looked through the window, letting out another deep and worried sigh...
He shook his head, as he couldn't be thinking of this now. Surely it was a nice thought, but he needed to stay focused, his mind sharp. He could feel his hour coming, and before he would die he needed to pass his knowledge over to his apprentice, better said his secret apprentice...
A group of senators were, in great secrecy, trained in the ways of the Force. Not only had they been taught to use the Force, but they also have been trained in the ways of the blade. Neither did the Republic, Senate or Jedi suspect any of this, Al Dremar knew that. All these senators were taught how to block their thoughts and how to mask their strong connection to the Force. The Jedi had no clue of what was happening right underneath their nose...
Al Dremar felt a shift in the Force... his apprentice... finally he had arrived. In secrecy, Al Dremar had taken the young human Jedi Padawan Krayus Hortar as his apprentice. Al wasn't the only one, however. Many of the force trained senators had corrupted some of the more skilled and impatient Padawans of the Jedi Order, and convinced them into joining their cause. It was not something done carelessly, but Al Dremar and his associates were highly skilled in the art of Stealth.
Al put his hand underneath the Senatorial Cloak he wore, and felt the cold heavy metal of his lightsaber. He took a deep breath once more, as a critical moment approached. Al had to betray his apprentice, for who he cared deeply, provoking him and therefore making him attack the Senator. Al had it planned carefully, thought of every word he would say, thought of every move he would make...
He heard the footsteps of his apprentice, and later how he pressed the doorbell. A zoom made Al open his eyes, and use the Force to automatically open the door. He felt the surprised emotion within his apprentice coming up, as he saw his master several meters away from the door. "Come in, Krayus..." Al said with his low but gentle voice.
He heard how the boots of his apprentice sounded on the floor, and how he slowly but firmly moved forward. "You wished to speak to me, my master?" Krayus said. Al restrained himself from all his emotions, made an emotionless face expression and turned to face his apprentice. "Yes, Krayus, we have a lot to talk about..." Al replied.
The black-haired, handsome ,sixteen years old Krayus Hortar, looked confused at Al. He frowned, and lowered his green eyes, as a token of respect, nodding slightly. "Very well, master. What is it that you wish to dis..." but Krayus wasn't allowed to finish his sentence, as Al Dremar drew his lightsaber, and pointed the blue colored hilt at his apprentice. Immediately Al felt Krayus getting afraid, confused, not sure if to draw his own saber, or to flee. "Haven't I taught you to make quick decisions?" he said while shaking his head in disapprove. "Never hesitate, be always sure of what to do next..." Al smiled dark. "Go always and everywhere, expecting anything to happen..." After he had finished talking, Al lowered his saber and looked emotionless again at Krayus. "The council has decided to act..." he said monotone. Krayus looked at his master with big eyes. "So the day has come, then? The Sit..." "Silence..." Al interrupted his apprentice for the second time, making a warning gesture with his hand. "I said, the Council has decided to act... act against the Jedi, not the Republic..." Krayus looked confused. "Master?" he asked. Al rolled with his eyes. "Open your eyes, Krayus. Don't you see that the Jedi are the real threat? The Republic is of no concern to the Council..." he lied, knowing Krayus wouldn't sense it. Krayus frowned, but put his hand on his lightsaber, just in case... "What do you mean, master?" he asked. Al looked at his apprentice with an emotionless face expression, but deep inside him he wished this day would never had come. He wished he could explain everything to Krayus, show him what really was going on, but he couldn't... there was more at stake. The wishes of the Council must be placed above his own, Al knew that all too well. "I think I spoke very clearly..." Al replied to Krayus' question. "The Republic is no longer a concern to the Council... Oh, I can see the question popping up in your mind... why? Well, let me tell you..." Al began. "Within six standard years, the Republic will collapse, not because of war, or financial problems... no. Simply, because it lacks the infrastructure to support itself. The blade that Darth Malak stabbed into the heart of the Republic, during the Jedi Civil War, caused a wound that bleeds still. Many tried to heal it: Revan, by confronting and defeating Malak and his Sith Empire, the Jedi Exile, by aiding planets and factions which were in dire need of help. Thanks to her, the surface of Telos IV blooms again, Dantooine has been almost restored to its former glory, and my home planet of Onderon is still in the Republic..." he continued. "But it wasn't enough, what they did, Revan and the Exile, was only prolonging the life of the Republic..." Al looked at his apprentice and smiled maliciously. "Maybe this goes unnoticed, but the Republic is now at its weakest point. Many of the politicians deny it, but the Republic is falling apart, and within six years, there shall be only a power vacuum left..." Al moved closer to his apprentice, making him stepping backwards and getting pressed to the wall, Al's blue lightsaber dangerously close to Krayus' chest. "And that is when the Sith will take control of the galaxy, not sooner, and not later..." Al finished. Krayus looked fearful at the tip of Al's saber, and swallowed. "But what has this to do with the Council acting against the Jedi?" he asked. Al laughed diminishing. "Everything! When the Jedi will be distracted, they will not sense her return... We will be able to operate safely, and bring her back to life, our mistress..." Krayus couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You want to bring her back to life! The lady of betrayal?!" Al gave a little nod, while smiling maliciously again. Krayus shook his head. "T-that... that is impossible! She..." Al interrupted him. "Nothing is impossible with the Force! Remember that lesson? Remember how I showed you Katarr, and what had taken place there?" Al looked angered at his apprentice. "Never underestimate, the power of the Dark Side, my apprentice, or it will teach you a lesson you shall never forget." Krayus looked down, realizing what was happening now. "So... then this is the end between us? You will betray me, because I'm a Jedi?" he asked pained. Al suffered from within, he couldn't watch his apprentice being so betrayed like this, but he didn't have any other choice, and nodded once more. "Yes... I will make it quick, you shall feel no pain..." Suddenly however, Al saw Krayus' face expression turned: from pained, to angered, from innocent, to hate. "You will not take my life!" he yelled and ignited his green lightsaber, attacking Al. He blocked Krayus' saber, and looked into his green eyes. "Then so be it..."
A fierce duel erupted, clearly in Krayus' favor. Al knew he had trained his apprentice well, well enough to do what he was intended to do. Al lied... The Council hadn't given any order, they didn't plan to act yet... They would still wait, for a time, in the shadows as they did for over three decades now. They would wait for Krayus to find his way to "the Sanctuary", and then, only then, would everything be set into motion.
Using the Ataru style, Al made a powerful flurry, and brought Krayus out of balance. This was his opportunity for a pause, as the final set of his plan needed to be executed. "You have fought well, my apprentice... Such strength... it would be a waste to dispose of that..." he said while breathing roughly. Krayus looked at him with clenched teeth, and stood lowered his saber. "Then let me join you! I'm ready to give myself entirely to the mistress!" he declared while falling onto his knees. Al knew he had succeeded, such devotion to the lady of betrayal... while only having heard of her, never even seen her... Al smiled pleased and dark at the same time, and looked down at Krayus. "Hmm, would you really want to join us? Join us fully? Betraying the Jedi, like I just betrayed you?" Al asked. Krayus nodded and bowed with his head. "Yes, with my whole body and soul..." Al smiled pleased again. "Good, very good... Then you will please the Council by dying! The echo of your death, surely will draw the Jedi's attention!" and directly after having said that, Al resumed the duel, focusing intensely on the bond that had developed between him and his apprentice, just like the bond of the Jedi Exile and her master, Kreia...
Krayus once more won the upper hand. Al knew the final moment had come, lowered his defense and submitted to the pain he felt, directly a second afterwards. With a single slash, Krayus cut off the left hand of his master. Al felt the shock and guilt coming up in Krayus, but he couldn't allow him to feel it... No, Krayus had to submit himself fully to the dark side, and let go of such feelings... "It is done... your training is complete..." Al said trying to suppress the pain. Krayus looked confused at him. "What?" Al looked pleased at his apprentice, and ignited his lightsaber again, holding it in his remaining hand. "I have taught you all I could, and now you have become stronger than me... Your training, it is finished..." Al answered. Krayus looked down, and frowned. "Then what must happen now?" Al hoped he would say this, and looked straight in his apprentice's eyes. "The apprentice, must kill the master, as is the way of the Sith. Strike me down! Gather all the feelings of hate, passion, lust and anger in you, and strike me down! Enjoy my death! Do it, and your path to the Dark Side will reach its final destination..." Al saw the hesitation in Krayus' eyes. He knew this would happen, so he had planned this out carefully... "Remember the bond between us, Krayus? The bond the Exile and Kreia shared as well? Do I have to remember you of the consequences of such a bond?" With pain in his heart, Al lowered the shielding of the bond, and let Krayus feel the pain Al felt right now. Krayus's face expression turned within seconds, and soon he groaned out in pain, holding his left hand. "Yes, my apprentice... That is the bond between us! If you will not kill me, then I shall do it myself and end both our lives! Could you leave behind such a shame? Such a disgrace to the Council?! Kill me now, kill me here, and you will be able to serve the Council!" Al shouted. Krayus looked begging at his master. "I can't kill you! I just can't!" Al closed his eyes, and sighed. He knew such a situation could occur, but Al was prepared for everything, even this... "So be it..." he said, and lifted his saber. He heard how Krayus yelled "no!", but it was too late, he already had stabbed himself through his stomach. The pain that went through him, was excruciating, but he was able to shield his apprentice from it, mostly... Krayus fell down on his hands, and gasped for breath. Al fell down on the ground, and looked at him. "This is how it must go, Krayus... I must die, for you... to live..." he whispered. Krayus crawled to him, and looked at his face. "Master... why?" Al smiled slightly, and gathered all his energy, to give his apprentice the last message. "Because you must lead the Sith, back to the galaxy... You must be the one, who will lead them to victory... Listen, listen carefully... The Jedi will discover it was you, who killed me... it has been taken care of... You will be captured, and sentenced, sentenced into exile. They will strip you from the Force, but..." Al coughed, he felt his death coming near. "... you, you will return to power, and bring her back..." Al saw the tears rolling down Krayus' cheeks. All had been set into motion now, he sensed the change in his apprentice, he sensed the change in the Force. Al never intended to create an echo, by the death of his apprentice, no... The echo would arise, with Al's own death. And then he felt his body let go, and Al breathed for the last time, breaking the bond between him and Krayus...
Krayus watched, as his master's eyes closed, and his lungs inhaled for the last time. He cried, for he cared deeply for his master, as a son cares for his father. Al had taught him everything he knew, guided him for so many years, and now he was no more... Then he felt it, that what Al wanted to create. A small echo swept through the Force, and certainly alerted the Jedi of Al's death. Within no time they would be here, and find Krayus... No, they wouldn't! Krayus won't let himself get captured! He looked at the dead body of his master for the last time, and fled, running as fast as he could. That, which Al hoped would happen, occurred now... In his haste not to get caught, Krayus forgot to take his lightsaber, leaving behind crucial evidence...

"She will destroy you..."
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