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Currently all +41 stat Purple saber crystals are available for purchase from a temp vendor on the fleet stations.. This is true for both republic and Imperials.. They are 250k per crystal..

All of the over sized mounts or boats as they are called, have been discounted and available at the speeder vendor on both fleet stations.. Including the one that was in the CE vendor..

White crystals are also available.. +33 to stat and +41 to stat are all on sale at vendor for 1-2.5 million per crystal.. Cyan is also available.. +41 to stat, 125k per crystal..

Players with Artifice can purchase 3 schematics for Magenta crystals.. +33 to Endurance, Crit, or power.. Each schematic is 250k..

1.2 is slated to be released in early April.. The vendor and all his goods will be removed from the game.. All of the over sized mounts will be removed from the game..

I am told the schematics that are currently being sold are also an extremely rare drop off of the world boss on Belsavis..

The SWTOR forums are down otherwise I could post a yellow post explaining the mounts and crystal vendor.. As of now, they will all be removed when the 1.2 patch is released..

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