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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
Actually, at times Sam Witwer sounds like Peter Serafinowicz. I was looking for that in the episode. And because Maul didn't speak very much in TPM, it did leave it open that he could have spoken also like how Witwer would as well.
Considering Sam was playing a broken and twisted man (both mentally and physically) who has mentally deteriated over the past 10 years, I think the voice acting was well done and portrayed the emotional spectrum of the Dark Side.

At the end of the episode and in the preview for next time he sounded more like Peter Serafinowicz's Maul.

"Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things, Revan… and yet you are nothing. In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone."
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