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Originally Posted by Warlord664 View Post
Alot of those ideas sound really cool. But yeah like VP said most of the people who have the skills to make TCs are already making their own. So your best bet is to help some else out with theirs and become a story wirter for them.
Well that's what this is for then, to see if anyone likes the idea of it. Once I get the PC version in the mail, of course I'm going to look into modding, I just doubt I'll be any good. And to darth-ackbar, I have a lot of ideas. Many of them have to do with things that should be fairly easy to implement such as a quest titled "Happily Ever After?" where you see Rahasia Sandral and Ahlan Matale but they're being attacked. The whole Canderous/Mandalore thing, unless you have your own idea for him, should also easily fit into most stories. I'll post the ideas for stuff in a few hours.
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