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Okay so here are some more ideas I've been toying with.

After waking up, escaping the Sith, possibly saving or killing T3, you arrive at the secret Republic Base on Nar Shaddaa. After they realize you don't know how well your previous outing was, due to either an intentional or accidental memory block, they let you go but a Republic Soldier will join your party. This is vaguely like the Taris/Peragus section of the other games where you can't explore the other planets just yet. You do some assignments for the base as well as helping people in debt and maybe getting X-TR8 if you've killed T3. but as you progress through the main story, you eventually get confront by HK-66, a bounty hunter droid that wants to collect the bounty on your head placed by The Exchange. After a quick duel, the droid knocks you're whole party out and takes you to The Exchange Yacht over the moon (like Goto's Yacht). Aboard there, you have no idea as to the reason you have a bounty on your head, but the leader believes you to be playing dumb. All you know is that the bounty was placed on you to be brought back alive. I'm thinking a reference to Empire in here with the leader saying something along the lines of "I told that droid, no disintegrations."

He then forces you to fight in an arena, and yes it is almost exactly the same arena style as it was on Taris, but reskinned. In it you have to fight against, at first, a pack of Kath Hounds. Following that he releases some battle droids with energy shielding. Then there's a break as he then says "imported straight from Davik himself before the tragic Sith blockade and then annihilation of the planet...Rakghouls!" and you have to fight some of those. You then fight some bounty hunters and finally, the last round you must battle a feared Mandalorian himself. During the fight, the player will realize that it is actually Canderous Ordo. The two of you join forces to make an escape and steal an Exchange Ship. Canderous details how his most trusted ally betrayed him and sold him to the Exchange because of a bounty Davik had placed just before the confrontation in the hangar. He also tells you that he's received word that the Mandalorian clans on Dxun were moved to a settlement near Anchorhead.

However he also tells you that he remembers you passing through the yacht previously, but not wanted, He tells you that you were on your way to Raxus Prime...long story short: the reason for the bounty on you was because you stole HK-47 from the yacht, who somehow fell into the hands of The Exchange. After some reprogramming you and he left.

Other Ideas:
HK-66, the bounty hunter droid is very similar to IG-88, both in name and function. After a planet or two, the droid confronts you again intending to collect the new bounty on your head: dead or alive. After bringing his health down low, he quickly escapes. Later on in the game, you will be imprisoned by the Exchange yet again. This time however you will destroy the ship and escape. However HK-66 will later confront you again even after the ship has been destroyed. After asking why since the bounty can't be collected anymore, he replies "Statement: You are one of the most wanted men in the galaxy, Jedi. More than one group wants to see you dead." After finally destroying the droid, you learn that one of the Sith Lords contacted him to kill you.

Also I included the HK-50s in a side quest on Tatooine. This woman tells you her husband is missing and that he went into the Dunes with their battle droid but both went missing. After checking the campsite of where they were supposed to be, it leads you to an old abandoned Czerka Sandcrawler. You go inside and fight through hordes of droids before you find HK-50 leading a droid militia, very similarly to HK-47 on Raxus Prime.

When talking to HK-47, you can ask him to color himself in camo. He will appear in his default copper form if you tell him to remove the camo or never ask him to. If he wears the camo, I'm thinking he gets a +1 in Defense but if he doesn't wear the camo, a +1 in Strength or something. So when you first find him on Raxus Prime, he's painted in a similar color as his default color only slightly more greenish and gross. On Ilum he will be white Nar Shaddaa or Sith ships, he will be black, etc.

The gang war on Corellia is reminiscent of the fighting between the Beks and Vulkars on Taris. The Black Heth are actually a reference to the game Obi-Wan where the Black Heth were a front for Jin'Ha weaponers. I'm not sure if I want them to be lead by the Jin'Ha or imply that sometime later the Jin'Ha took the name of the ancient gang. The Neo-Beks are led by Mission and Zaalbar. Also on this planet you'll run into Griff Vao who wants to meet his sister. You can go DS and tell him to beat it or you can help reunite the pair. I'm not sure if I want him there to be trying to hit her up for credits or because he's actually found a sustainable lifestyle and has cleaned himself up.

I already talked about the Sandral and Matale lovebirds showing up. Another KoTOR "loose end" or "conclusion" is you get to meet the Organas on Alderaan. Eventually you're approached by Jarrus Ulgo,, brother of Trask Ulgo. He wants revenge on the Organas after they supposedly hired the bounthy hunter Selven to kill the Ulgos on Taris. Luckily, he was offworld and before she could get to him she got the bounty placed on her head. You can tell the Organas who ask you to protect them and say they will reward you. Or you can join Jarrus' quest for vengeance and help him. Or you can ask around the Organa's Estate and discover if they really did hire Selven. You then learn that they did and can bring the info to Jarrus and tell him to show it to the authorities instead. OR you can learn why they did so and it was because a member of his family murdered some of the Organas after a misunderstanding where he believed them to be Vulkars or thieves. You can then bring peace between the two parties.

Swoop Racing is still around but is getting even more dangerous. If it would be possible, I'd add in other swoops onto the track at the same time. Or at the very least, explosives and other traps. Motta still runs the Swoop Registration on Tatooine.

I want there to be some consequences to your party members for your actions. For example. At one point (SPOILER've been warned...though it's not real sooo...) you would duel with Darth Omyn while he has your entire party in stasis (whole party as in every member). Once you bring his health down enough and are winning...he will tell you to strike him down. There will be 3 responses to this:
1. Gladly.
2. No. It's not the Jedi way. Please.... turn back to the light.
3. I will do what I must...

Choosing 1 you will immediately cut him down and end the battle, netting you a **** ton of DS points. (for certain things, I want it to critically knock down your LS/DS meter)
Choosing 3 will start the battle up again and you will finally finish him off.
Choosing 2, the archetypal Jedi LS response has the least appeasing outcome: Omyn will seize his chance and pull Jolee to him in order to stab the Jedi Master in the gut. Omyn will then run off leaving you to hear Jolee's last words. See what I mean? Choosing the GOOD LS option has the absolute WORST outcome that time around whereas the DS has the one that benefits your team and kills the enemy quickest. See why so many fall to the DS when all they want to do is do something good? Idk, I feel like nothing like that ever really presents itself in I or II.

Those are just a handful of other ideas.
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